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Les Anges Exterminateurs


We did a small survey among us and the unanimous result says that if the spirit of our grandmothers would appear to us at night to tell us that what we are doing will lead us to ruin, all of us we would listen to her.

This isn't for François the protagonist of the story, and this isn't for the director Jean-Claude Brisseau and if you want this isn't for us innocent victims (but we weren't warned) of the this slow and boring french movie of 2006.

Let's start by saying that "El ángel exterminador" by Luis Buñuel is only an assonance in the title (so we avoid any revenge of sheep in transit) and the fact that the controversial director Brisseau based his plot on an autobiographical fact. After his "Choses secretes" of 2002 he was denounced by some actresses for sexual harassment during the auditions. The issue ended with a fine, a suspension, and especially with the spark to create a film that traces part of the story.

The result is a highbrow eroticism seeking psychological aspects deep in the human soul. Translating: a film very boring and unnecessarily morbid, that has long moments of theories and counter-theories, erotic scenes (mostly lesbian) and also a trend vaguely thriller/horror that we can read in the title.

A wanting to find a positive aspect, we must say that it has a good cinematography and a great French elegance.

His grandmother had told him, appearing at night, François, you're gonna hurt!. But nothing to do, François is a director and has an idea, which is to make a film very realistic about sexual instincts hidden and forbidden in women. The auditions are a disaster, no actress will accept a part like that, no one wants to reveal herself. Almost persuaded to abandon the project, the director find in sequence three girls who undergo his experiments.

But these experiments have some side effects, freeing the problems, phobias and reactions of everyone gravitates around this project.

The rise and fall of an idea, under the eyes of the angels of extermination, in a film that evidently aspired to "art films" from which stays away, although it can boast of being passed from the "Cannes Film Festival". A movie crushed by the Free morbidity.

The sexual instincts deepest of human beings, but also the supernatural is a topic dear to the French director who had already, before 2006, and even after he does, face this subjects.

The cast instead consists of actors who have worked frequently in television series, artists not with a great resume, but with some normal physics that makes them very real.



Original title: Les anges exterminateurs

Year: 2006

Country: France

Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau

Cast: Frédéric van den Driessche, Maroussia Dubreuil, Lise BELLYNCK, Marie Allan, Sophie Bonnet

Length: 100 '
Production Company: TS Productions, The Sorcière Rouge, National Centre for Cinematography

Original title: Les