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La Vedova Del Trullo


The digital version with scratched images and the rare passages on TV with the same quality, suggest that this film was definitely out of the various treatments of re-editing and re-master that others of the same era have had.
In fact, "La Vedova Del Trullo" is not a title known to the audience and is essentially a sin. Because this sexy comedy deserves more feedback and more sympathy, either for the plot, either for the protagonists. Who know if is the fault of the director Franco Bottari, who works in the cinema as various technical roles, realizing, however, only three films as a director, "Voglia di Donna” "24 ore e non un minuto in più" and the one of this post.
It should Rosa Fumetto, fault though famous in 1979 as a sexy star and world-famous stripper, was not strong enough as protagonist of the movie. Who knows. We only know that Montagnani Renzo and Mario Carotenuto supported by a good Carlo Giuffre give birth to a very cute movie for the genre, set in Puglia and filmed in Sammichele di Bari
We are as usual in the small town in the province and in the typical environment in which a woman makes spin heads at everybody. She is Maddalena, Rosa Fumetto, married with Nicola, a masterful Renzo Montagnani. He made a vow and every patron created and directed fireworks, until he blows up.
Widowed, Maddalena is helped and hosted by the local community led by an extraordinary Mario Carotenuto, mayor of the town.
Soon the men of the village see in the Maddalena the absolute object of desire, while the woman, still distraught, can’t find a final settlement.
Before she goes to live in a Trullo, the only attraction of the town, then in the priest's house, whom to avoid in temptation “turns” the woman to the rich man of the town that also wants to marry her. Here she met the son of the man tho whom she gives private lessons and medical care. Needless to say, the boy falls in love with her.
The turning point comes when one caver, identical to Nicola, arrives in the village and conquer Maddalena, despite the rivalry of the young man who still manages to realize his dream of going to bed with the woman, exactly during the patronal feast ( ie one year after the beginning of the story).
Nothing innovative, this is clear, but the classic structure of the genre here works well and does not overflow never in a plot nonsense being very far from low level gags. Of course is a "sexy comedy" and it has the cornerstones of the genre.
The enormous voyeurism versus Maddalenda, who creates havoc in the center of the town with her clothes fluttering ore in the priest's house, with the doors open and the classic shower scene. Or the slow yield to the advances of the young man, who, after assaulting her, receive as a birthday gift, instead of a complaint, the integral vision of her body, and a bath together.
Useless are nude scenes that have as protagonists the shoulder actresses, among them the girlfriend of the young boy. We can forgive the flourishes, the self-commentary about the body in front of the mirror, but the shower scene of the school, absolutely useless to the story is offered free by the director. But we are talking about a “sex comedy”…
Excellent as always Renzo Montagnani and Mario Carotenuto. The first for once is far from the asshole character who lose his mind for the beautiful, the other is good as always in a sustained character.
And Rosa Fumetto? The Turin Rosa, hasn’t the skill for the genre, probably she is too sophisticated, but in the whole context she don’t clash.

Fact Sheet

Original title: The Widow of Trullo
Year: 1979
Country: Italy
Duration: 89 '
Directed by: Franco Bottari
Cast: Rose Comics, Carlo Giuffre, Mario Carotenuto, Renzo Montagnani
Production Company: Sirius International Film