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Il Fiume Del Grande Caimano
(The Great Alligator)

We admit that sometimes we are the supporters of the angry animal who kills a lot of people. This is this case, where men build a resort in the middle of the forest, then  filled with squalid tourists. Here the animal is  right and even more so those of the local tribe who think that the white men has awakened the evil spirit of the river.

Apart from this, however, "Il Fiume Del Grande Caimano" escapes the logic of angry animals, showing more adventure's movies characteristics Yes, there is an animal, there are some dead people, but it's all a little smash on the film, it's all told than seen.
Maybe the fault is in the fact that the whole budget is going to the trip to Sri Lanka (where the movie was shot), but we have to seen a rubber caiman, extremely tight shots to make credible scenes and models of houses that were burned.
We must also say that Sergio Martino takes a lot of effort in building a credible film. He succeeded well enough to create a product enjoyable but very craft movie that only the skilled hands of director as Martino can keep up.
There is not nothing new under the sun ( where is set at Tropics or in Africa?) because it follows the orthodoxy of gender reusing all the benchmarks. The stereotypical characters are all there: the hero, the beautiful woman, the bad and greedy that denies all and a great numbers of peons in there only  for a bad end.

In the narrative level Martino puts everything in a fast story,  keep up the "pathos" from beginning to end, trying to give some emotion. Crafty too.
The story tells of Daniel Nessel a photographer commissioned to do some advertising photos for a new resort. Led by Joshua facilities manager he starts working, putting his eyes on the two beauties of history Laura, and especially Alice.
But the handsome hero does not have much time to do the Latin-lover, because slowly realizes that from the river arrive a threat: a monstrous caiman and the natives seeking revenge.
Like every movie like this, the skeptics are tenacious, represented here by the cynical Joshua more worried about losing money than the lifes of his customers. As for the "cannon fodder" we are faced with a vast array more than ever appropriate. All the worst kind of tourists are represented here. The obese old girl who invents sex stories, the young mother with the lover and the little daughter  sly, sassy (but basically nice), the racist and the large group of young hotheads, in which figure the presence of Lory Del Santo in a small part in costume or  in topless.

Barbara Bach is the female lead Alice. Not very expressive, no doubt about it, but certainly very beautiful, a natural beauty. She starred in some movies in Italy, then arrives the fame as Bond girl in "Agent-007 The Spy Who Loved" and finally the wedding with Ringo Starr and a gradual exit from the show business.

The hero is played by Claudio Cassinelli, a character not too much for him, but he manages to hide his faults in the speed of the story.

Cassinelli was a good actor,  he starred in big productions the he starred in some "Cinema Di Genere" movie, tragically he died in a helicopter crash on the set of Martino's movie.

Mel Ferrer, is the bad Joshua, we have already spoken about him several times. He is very good in this role, although he doesn't so much effort. Other actors here were very famous at time, such as Romano Puppo, Peter Boom and "Franco Causio" Enzo Fisichella (amazing even here the similarity with the football player as reported in "Malabimba").