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Colpo in Canna

(Loaded Guns)

If we say Fernando Di Leo, Ursula Andress, Marc Porel, Woody Strode, music by Luis Enriquez Bacalov and then we also say Lino Banfi, Carla Brait, Isabella Biagini and Jimmy Il Fenomeno, certainly you think that we are talking about two different films. No.
The movie is only one and it's "Colpo in Canna", a thrille /noir by Fernando Di Leo. A movie that combining a lot of different actors from  two very different hemispheres. Disappointing. Very disappointing, to say the truth,  a movie that waste a  cast more than good with a basic idea not bad. Two things, however, are to be saved: Ursula Andress, always beautiful and the idea of ​​a winning woman, we will see very similar in "Jackie Brown"  by Tarantino (and by the way the two do the same job).
So one of our heroes, slips and will not be the only time in his career, on a plot of endless boring and in unnecessary scenes that touch the climax with a fight to the end  very similar to "Bud Spencer & Terence Hill." movies.
It's difficult to believe that one of the great "noir" and "cinema di genere" director tries the way of a parody of his beloved genres.  But it's all true, and from the beginning the viewer remains  trapped in the semi-serious atmosphere of the movie, which rattles and involves as various interpreters mentioned at the beginning.
So start the game of the impossible couples. We see Lino Banfi making jokes in front of Marc Porel. And above all, there is the cult scene between  Ursula Andress and Jimmy Il Fenomeno (voiced by Ferruccio Amendola) in the most important role of his career, he remains in front of the actress who came out of the tub naked. If we want to give to this scene a poetic sense, we must say that the good Jimmy subverts the order of the universe, taking revenge on his "carratterista" and shoulder destiny.
Aside from what we want to read in it, here there is objectively a mixture of genres that is managed badly, guilt is also a very complex plot that messes up the situation. At the end of "Colpo in Canna" is neither fish nor fowl, but only a bad movie.
If we remove the many mistakes made, we must say that the fund is a pleasant one. Nora Green (Ursula Andress) is a hostess who just landed in Naples is involved in a war between gangs of underworld. All betray all, twists and counter twists and she w falls in love with Manuel (Marc Porel). But perhaps she has something to hide too.
Even Fernando Di Leo as reported by a dossier of Nocturno soon realized that the film didn't work. A Shot in the barrel...shot blanks.


Original title: Shot in Canna

Year: 1975

Country: Italy

Alternative Titles: Anthropokynigito, Hryses boukles, fonika pistolia (Greece), Asphalt Katze, polier Ich Dir Deine Glatze (Germany), The espía if desnuda (Spain), Les aventures d'une air-hôtesse (France) Loaded Guns (Philippines ) Ready to disparar (Portugal), Salatehtävä Napolissa (Finland), Stick 'em Up, Darlings (undefined), Ursula anti-gang (France)

Director: Fernando Di Leo

Cast: Ursula Andress, Marc Porel, Woody Strode, Lino Banfi, Carla Brait, Jimmy The Phenomenon, Isabella Biagini

Production Company: Cine Productions Daunia 70