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Le Journal Intime d'une nymphomane

Maybe I carry in me

the seeds of my own destruction


It may seem strange, reading the title, but this movie is feminist. Psychedelic feminist. To be exact. And more specifically treated by the usual hallucinated hands of the dear Jess Franco. In the 1973 our hero is in another production low budget, but with the same desire to deconstruct, grind, change and offer a different view of a story. Evocative images take us on a story in flashback, a history of violence, depravity, but most of all transformations and female fellowship.

Apart from these fascinating elements must be said that this film is not a masterpiece up to other films of Franco. It slips too much on the incipit and in some narrative solutions too sketchy. It 's a film a little' wasted if we want, that does not exploit fully the great potential, but that is a pleasant vision.

Here we talk about the life of Linda, who when was young is being raped. From that moment on, her life changes and Linda becomes bolder, attracted by sex with men and women. She doesn't like that she realizes to be in disarray, up to the point of an elaborate plan to wreak vengeance on the man who took away her innocence. The man's wife instead, slowly discovers the truth, destroying all his certainties and supporting, in a certain sense, the ideas of the protagonist.

Franco gives us a never vulgar eroticism, despite the logical temptations of the theme, accompanied by the classic soundtrack typical of the films of the Spanish director. A mixture of jazz-pop then that opens to nudity images always refined, viewed from odd and evocative angles.

French production, with French/Spanish cast. Linda, the protagonist is played by Montserrat Prous, of course, more adult than she rapresent in the movie film, but due to her minute body she create a good character.

There is a part for Howard Vernon, as usual doctor. His is a strange character, complex, which also changes him his "belief" but in a opposite manner to the protagonist.
Lorent and Jacqueline Anne Libert, other expert French actresses, complete the cast.


Original title: The Journale Intime d'une Nynphomane

Alternative Titles: Sinner (English title), Diary of a Nymphomaniac, Diario de íntimo a ninfomana (Spain), Jûshoku no nioi (Japan), The intimate days of a young woman (Italy)

Year: 1973

Directed by: Jess Franco

Starring: Howard Vernon, Doris Thomas, Jacqueline Lorent, Anne Libert

Country: France

Duration: 86 '

Production House: Comptoir Français du Film Production (CFFP)