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Flesh Gordon Meets The Cosmic Cheerleaders

 Coming to save the universe from a diabolical menace... Galactic impotence!

The ship-shaped penis returns to hyperspace, sixteen years after its first flight. Flesh Gordon is always the same, the erotic version of the one with the "a". The one who spends his life between monsters and undressed women. He is the protagonist of the good sequel or the of the exceptional "Flesh Gordon" in 1974.

Director Howard Ziehm is alone in this movie, without the help of Michael Benveniste, who died young in 1982 and who wrote also wrote the screenplay for the first movie. Ziehm rightly but also slyly, does not change the way to do it and gives to us a demenzial/erotic movie full of events, scale models and monsters moved with the technique of "stop motion."

If there weren't desire to exaggerate, one hour and forty film for the uncut version, it would have been a perfect movie for its genre. But too willing to entertain sometimes lowers the level of the film, extending the story with useless and sometimes even annoying interludes.

But a part that the mission remake, is well done, beginning with the cause. If in 1974 our hero was struggling with too much appetite for sex, here he is faced with the opposite problem. Flesh, now a great actor, is kidnapped by Cheerleaders of "The Strange Planet" concerned that the men of their planet have become impotent because of a plan by Evil Presence.

The problem is not the lack of sex, but rather the fact that men are not able to play their national sport, a sort of mix between baseball and football, where instead of using bats they use other...that you can easily image. The bad instead wants to steal the manhood of Flesh.

So start a series of sexy adventures, including a bar for bosomaniacs (a beautiful place no doubt about it...) that see our hero as protagonist, dispersed in a hot universe, and on whose footsteps there are the historic girlfriend Dale Ardor helped by the doctor Jerkoff.

Far from unnecessary sequel syndrome "Flesh Gordon Meets The Cosmic Cheerleaders" travels in a pop late eighties aura and gives us laughs sexy never vulgar less hot than the previous movie.

Ziehm uses well his return to directing after nine years of absence, and several porn movies, hits the mark and ended his career.

The cast has no big names except Morgan Fox former playmate.

The Canadian Vince Murdocco plays Flesh Gordon, an actor not famous was former champion of Kick Boxing in North American. We find the in the same role Denis William Hunt passing from Emperor Wang The Pervert to Evil Presence.