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Black Blooded Brides Of Satan

"I Hate you dad"


"Finnish Horror Since 2001" is the sentence on the web site of of the "Blood Ceremony"  the company of  which Sami Haavisto is the founder, as well as being the director of this movi.

But if they make horror since 2001 should know that making a movie about Nordic Satanists lovers of death metal, it isn't a great idea. Okay, as always specifies the site, that their films are made just for fun, not for profit, without wanting to launch political or religious messages, but as sages say "you can't not communicate."

What tells to us this movie is an obivous basic idea and on to this must be added the non-professional actors and the coldness of the Scandinavians.

In addition to this there isn't even the satisfaction of every splatter maniac to litres of blood. No. Not that well, most of which is destined for the end, which fortunately has the advantage of not being an "happy end".

Maybe is true that they doesn't want to give messages, but we can say with certainty that Haavisto describes a society corrupted and lost.

Priests who are in cahoots with satanists, who are satanists only for money, politicians which sell snuff movie, parents that kicked out of home children and children who are alcoholic and drugs addicted.

The protagonist of the story is Linda, who is kicked out of her house from the the usual restrictive parent takes refuge at the home of friends who are members of a satanic cult.

Those of the sect sometimes sacrifice a victim who ends up in a video that is sold abroad with the help of a minister of the finnish government. Linda's father tries to find his missing daughter, helping the useless police, but it's to late the family is ruined by misunderstandings.


Original title: Black Blooded Brides Of Satan

Year: 2009

Country: Finland

Directed by: Saami Haavisto

Cast: Saami Haavisto, Jukka Lappi, Anne Rajala, Markus Salo, Eva Sundgren, Mika Vattulainen

Production House: Blood Ceremony Films