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La Minorenne

Gloria Guida in 1974 is "La Ragazzina" and after soon became "La Minorenne" Perfect timing, which exploits the mother lode of innocent blonde, that here's at orders of Silvio Amadio, in an episode that can't get away from the usual plot of the beautiful and naive that creates havoc in the lives of adults.

More comic than "La Ragazzina", this movie takes advantage of the experience of the director in "decamerotic" and shows situations that we see in other films of the "Italian sexy comedy" as keyholes, several changes of clothes and various situations that open to interesting moments.

The fund is composed by a discounted generational clash. Youngs vs adults. The youths however, are splitted into two categories. The dreames but gullible, as Valeria who lives in an college of nuns and dream erotic moments and the most superficial and cunning, as the brother of the same.
The clash between youth and adults is the spark that starts the story, which incidentally begins with our heroine already half naked. Yo!.

Valeria after years returns home, where she study, she has become a beautiful girl and the friends of her brother go crazy for her. But they aren't the only, in fact also the adults go crazy.These then, that should be an example, are actually the worst of the worst and spend their lives through treachery, arguments and speculations, sometimes in collusion with the local priest.

Amadio wants to say, a part using commercially the beauty of Gloria Guida,that young people don't know which way to take, also brought the wrong way by parents and society very hypocritical. Luckily, there's a dreamer, who lives free, denying everything and staying away from speculation. He is some kind of hippie artist, who shows the right way to our protagonist (and they have sex tii).
In addition to cast blonde Gloria, we find quite a number of actors in the genre cinema and for lovers of gossip also the father of Kim and Valentina Rossi-Stuart.


Original title: The underage

Alternative Titles: 100 mannequin ki enas andras (Greece), A Menor (Portugal), Leidenschaften einer Minderjährigen (Germany), Les polissonnes excitées (France)

Year: 1974

Country: Italy

Directed by: Silvio Amadio

Starring: Gloria Guida, Rosemary Dexter, Marco Guglielmi, Luciano Roffi, Fabrizio Moroni, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Gabriella Lepori

Production House: Film Domizia