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La poliziotta a New York

After having raked the whole Italy, the super cops of Michele Massimo Tarantini leave for the last mission, trying to close the saga with a big mission  exporting the italian cleverness, no less than in New York.

Unfortunately, the mission takes place in 1981, with the "Italian sexy comedy" that has already fired its best ideas and with the divine Edwige became greedy to show her body.
The trilogy of the sexy policewoman (to which we add the spin-off "Taxi Girl") doesn't leave us with good momories, but end with a movie that has a few ideas and a few funny moments.

The plot is always the same, and the actors/actresses remain committed to their roles with orthodox attitude. Thus we find Aldo Maccione, a clownish villain and Giacomo Rizzo  his shoulder/antagonist. Renzo Montagnani  in the role of the Commissioner, this time Italian-American, as usual downright stupid,  and Alvaro Vitali always in a lucky and comedy character and  and finally we find the beautiful sexy icon clearly represented by our Edwige Fenech.
On this structure more than tested, however, there are lines and situations that make laugh a little and homophobic or a vaguely racist moments.

So, it's not so good  this "La Poliziotta A New York" clear downward of the serie that features, as usual, the events of policewoman Gianna Amicucci. She and Tarallo this time are chosen by the Texas Commissioner Mac Arone as double to replace the girlfriend and the right arm of the mob boss Big John (Aldo Maccione) and discover the important trades of man and of his opponent, "Il Turco". After several attempts the plan succeeds, the two come in the life of the boss as Pupa and Dodiciomicidi, creating a series of classic gags, ranging from farts to misunderstandings. Meanwhile the plot to entrap the two criminals continues.
As usual, the final is an apocalyptic chaos, chase, shouting and noise, and are the lastest italian shots by Michele Massimo Tarantini that few years later leave for Brazil where hehe remained for several years directing exploitation's movies.


Original title: The Policewoman In New York

Alternative titles: A Iorque Agent em Nova (Portugal), A Policewoman in New York (International), Eine Superpolizistin in New York (Germany), I astynomikina stin Nea Yorki, or Bobos sti Nea Yorki (Greece), Reste avec nous, on s'tire (France)

Year: 1981

Country: Italy

Director: Michele Massimo Tarantini

Cast: Edwige Fenech, Aldo Maccione, Giacomo Rizzo, Alvaro Vitali, Renzo Montagnani, Enzo Andronico

Duration: 91 '

Production Company: Imp.Ex.Ci., Les Films Jacques Leitienne, Medusa Production