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Emanuelle Nera: Orient Reportage

The Emanuelle's trip around the begins to be important and the feminist heroine, adored also by men, is accompanied for the first time by the good Joe D'Amato.
A combination that will bring luck to both in several other films.
But in this first trip, we must say that things were not very clear, starting from the geography.
At one point, a friend of Emanuelle says she has to go from Thailand to India, exactly in Kathmandu (...). The protagonist then ends in Casablanca, because, she says, was the only place that allowed her to land (remember that she departed from Thailand).

A good geography for "Risiko" that still makes us look like, as  said many years ago, as the ones that buy "Playboy" to read the articles.
We are fussy and too boring, but this error is the emblem of a movie that is not a complete success. A film sometimes exhausting, sometimes paradoxical, which is a bit 'weak link in the saga, but if we want to find to it a good thing "Emanuelle Orient Reportage" is the dress rehearsal of this cult series.

As known, the production has a big budget and allows us to follow the adventures around the world of Emanuelle, played by Laura Gemser, of course, that seem after a diet overly harsh.
She is the usual world-famous photographer who travels the world in search of adventure and scoop. In Thailand converses for a service on the Prince, she passing hot adventures with different people and how reminds to her a friend, she tries the local specialties, before fleeing the country. Morocco is the second place where Emanuelle ends. She became friends of the daughter of the American consul and she not denied to taste the local specialties, but also foreign ones, meeting old friends and always waving her total freedom.

The actors are already the core of the serie. So we see as said Laura Gemser, who performs her duty without exceeding, Gabriele Tinti and a little used, but philosophical, Ivan Rassimov.

To they are added  a small group of actresses comprimarie, poor acting, but beautiful to look at, Ely Galleani sew in some genre movies of the decade and Debra Berger who will also see in "Inglorious Bastards." Nico Fidenco create a  music carpet good as usual.


Original title: Emanuelle Nera Orient Reportage

Alternative Titles: As Noites de Emanuelle (Portugal), Black Emanuelle 2 - Orientreportaget (Sweden), Black Emanuelle 2 Goes East (UK) Black Emanuelle 2. Teil, Black Emanuelle II, Black Black Emmanuelle 2 Emmanuelle II (Germany), Black Emanuelle en Orient (France), Emanuelle in Bangkok (USA), Emanuelle negra if it goes to the east (Spain), Emmanuelle in Bangkok (International), Imavri Emmanouella stin Apo Anatoli (Greece), The possédée du vice (France), Musta Emanuelle Kauko-Idassa (Finland)

Year: 1976

Director: Joe D'Amato

Cast: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Ivan Rassimov, Ely Galleani, Debra Berger, Venatino Venatini

Duration: 91 '

Production Company: Flaminia Film Production, Film Kristal, St. Nicholas Film Production