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Roma L'Altra Faccia Della Violenza

The audience is always on the side of the people. The audience wants to see blood, action and a bit of atrocities. "Roma L'Altra Faccia Della Violenza" has all that and also a very good plot.

For some reason this movie is less known than others, and it has in acting and in the choice of protagonists, never in part, its worst faults.

Marino Girolami however, here as Franco Martinelli, directed a movie co-produced by Italy and France quite interesting. A fast story, but especially critical of society. Especially towards the upper middle class society, those people with money can buy everything, even the law. Their opposite is the proletariat who suffers, and is always suspect.

Even in more detail, we see the bored crime of the "rich kids" who rob and rape and leave  victims in the street and we see the proletariat's crime driven by food needs, by necessity, more dramatic but much more respectful. Perhaps here, Girolami exaggerates a little in the description (and if we say it ...), but still counting as does our society is going on he is absolutely on the mark.

The construction of the characters instead escapes the logic of poliziottesco. We don't an iron commissioner, but a man of the law of soft tones, human instinct, which for example helps an ex-convict to return on the right track. Carli is the name of the inspector, investigates glossy firmly, trying to understand and analyze what is happening. His co-workers are no less, we see Ferreri played by the director's son Enio, Carli's right-hand man, and perhaps more action man but without exaggeration.
The criminals are ruthless one hundred percent and they don't show the slightest remorse. As we already said, they are a group of kids from good families, on which, however, with another character added, falls an avenger, the father of a girl killed in the day of his eighteenth birthday. Cold and beyond the law, this man as others like them that we will see in other films take the law into his own, with the addition here of the melodramatic plot twist.

Everything runs well, the construction is perfect and there's that little bit of suspense that keeps the plot on a high level. It would have been a masterpiece that could go beyond the labels of gender, for example, if Anthony Steffen the avenger father had given more depth to his character, instead of interpreting it in a flat way, trying to "tell" rather than live his feelings.

Steffen stage name of Antonio De Teffé starred in some "Spaghetti Western" and sometimes even as a screenwriter. He isn't the only one who throws away his character here, with him there is a whole battery of "wicked boys" among which we would like to save only Stefano Patrizi that in the same year as we have seen played "Liberi, Armati Pericolosi" . Patrizi is the only among the boys whose carreer went further, the others are the meteor Jean Favre, half meteor Umberto Liberati and Valerio Merola a quite known italian trash anchor man.

Marcel Bozzuffi that interprets Carli instead was an actor of a certain thickness. Expert in film noir characters also participated in the drama "Cadaveri Eccellenti" by Rosi, Fatti di Gente Perbene” by Bolognini, “Identificazione di Una Donna” by Antonioni touching commercial success with "Il Braccio Violento Della Legge" by Friedkin. His character even if it drives us crazy is well maintained and is consistent throughout the film.

Completing the cast are a number of "caratteristi" well known in the "Cinema di Genere". Franco Citti, perhaps the most arrested man in the Italian cinema through Enzo Andronico and Franca Scagnetti to get to the usual Roman popular woman,  that here goes to make heroin township blocking the way to the police car in the most beautiful scenes of the movie.


Original title: Rome The Other Side Of Violence

Alternative titles: A Outra Face de Rome (Portugal), blutigen Die Spiele der Reichen (Germany), L'autre côté de la violence (France), Rome: The Other Side of Violence (USA), To the prosopo tis nyhtas (Greece )

Country: Italy / France

Directed by: Marino Girolami

Cast: Marcel Bozzuffi, Anthony Steffen, Ennio Girolami, Jean Favre, Roberta Paladini, Sergio Fiorentini, Stefano Patrizi

Duration: 99 '

Production Company: Fox-Europe Production, Italian International Film