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One-Eyed Monster

"The characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person is coincidental and unintentional Entirely, except for Ron Jeremy who really does have a 9 3/4 inch penis and who oz fellated Himself. "

Ron Jeremy is dead. But a part of him will always be with us. Exactly 9.45 inches. And the joke is more than ever obvious: this is a fucking movie!. The title already suggests it, and opens the horizon to a large number of previous  and following movies even after focusing on monstrous cocks or pussies. So, it seems not so very original movie and also the presence of a porn star like Ron Jeremy, and another as Veronica Hart, can bring this 2008 movie in trivial and vulgar.

Surprise! Because this is a fucking movie, but only in a physical sense and not figuratively. "One-Eyed Monster" is really a masterpiece of trash that don't miss a move, except for a slight decrease in the central part and it isn't a rude movie. Many crude jokes and allusions, yes, but only a topless throughout the film, in addition to the penis protagonist.

Shot with very few resources and with very intelligent ideas the film by Adam Fields is a parody, both iof the world of porn that of horror, especially of the "slasher".  There also some spoofs on "war movies" and reference to others films live "It" or "Alien", things that gives to us very funny moments,  as this brief dialogue on the "monster":

"There's a dick in Angel (a porn star) Mouth!"


"No, No, you don't under! It's not attached to anyone"

The great and talented Charles Napier then interprets the usual tough man, the hero of the USA army, which tell about a tragedy of Vietnam in which his platoon was wiped out by ... guess what! '.

These are just two examples of particularly bright moments, but many others would have to be mentioned. A great movie this "One-eyed monster", strong also in the construction of the characters. We find all type, all stereotypes of horror's movies character. A part the american hero we find the star in decline (Ron Jeremy),  the nerd, the beautiful but stupid girl, the smart  guy, the asshole and even that stupid. Everyone played well by a cast made not only by star asJeremy, Napier and Hart but also by young actors that already starred  in TV series or independent films.

Shoot with a very simply hand, the director search some twits and tells us  a story set in the world of adult film.

A film crew goes to the mountains in a remote house  to shoot some scenes for a movie. Among them is consumed star Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart who also convinces the director to give her a part using one of her artistic talent (...). Apart from that, Jeremy is unable to shoot a scene, he  takes a break, he goes to breathe a bit 'of fresh air, he empties his bladder but a great ray of light from the sky reaches him.

Something changes, Jeremy back on set and he is a fury, but his penis at one point escapes. Ron dies, while his penis begins to wander claiming victims and showing supernatural intelligence. But who is animated this thing? Are aliens? Aliens who want to conquer th Earth? Or what? These are all questions that the guys of the crew set, before attempting to solve the problem with the usual stratagems of horror movies.

A large dose of craziness, that good and quality, accompanied by a good soundtrack and the usual twist ending horror.

Not bad at all. What the fuck!


Original title: One-Eyed Monster

Alternative Titles: Porn Horror Movie (Germany)

Year: 2008

Country: USA

Directed by: Adam Fields

Cast: Charles Napier, Ron Jeremy, Amber Benson, Jason Graham, Jeff Denton

Duration: 84 '

Production Company: