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"You accuse me of being the killer. And I say, you are the murderer"

The famous story "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie, in Italy was translated in "Ten Little Indians", a very, very, bad title. Here this stupid title find a sense, because we are facing with a story inspired by this book and we are in India. This is "Gumnaan" a Bollywood movie of 1965. The title can be translated as "unknown" or "anonymous" and this movie is quite simply a masterpiece. Without a doubt. It's a movie that conquer already for its wonderful cinematography, but also for a plot that although is more or less known, is able to convey moments of great suspense.

Raja Nawathe creates this magic by bringing us in a fabulous world, that mixes the standards of Bollywood with some Western characteristics, which become, for the record, the emblem of this movie.

Basic story by Agatha Christie aside, here we see some musical moments definitely not Indian. Above all, there is the wonderful ballet "Jaan Pehechan Ho", whose only fault is to be at the beginning of the film. A musical moment engaging, majestic, beautiful to look at, pleasant to listen. A rock\pop song very xenophilous, which has already in the DNA the reason for its success, because the authors are not two at random, but they are a great Indian composers Shankar Jaikishan and Anand Bakshi also known poet and author. "Ted Lyons & His Cubs" instead is the band playing the song in the film, a real band, who performed songs in other films including a cover of "Beatles".

"Jaan Pehechan Ho" has become a popular song, who has spent decades unscathed, as to be shot in the movie "Ghost World" in 2001 and more recently in a commercial for a famous brand of beer.

"Gumnaam" as has been widely understood is a thriller with curry taste, which changes several things in confront of the initial story. Quite simply begin by saying that the "Indians" are not ten, but a little 'less and especially the director puts the classic long moments of "Bollywood" songs, sometimes dreamlike, but not they undermine the story, which despite the' immense duration is left to follow carefully and with suspense. There are also plenty exciting moments that are based on a story which is always tense and surrounded by an aura of mystery.

The story begins one night in a nightclub, the place where we see the performance of "Ted Lyons & His Cubs". Seven people win a trip that takes them to a lonely mansion ruled by butler Meehmod. Here between Between succulent lunches and dinners, the guests begin to mysteriously killed. The puzzle is very complex.

Central figure of the whole story is Meehmood, which plays the role of a mysterious character, but also of great comic relief. Physically seems a bit 'like a indian Hitler (is one of his jokes) and shows a kind of magic that remains always mysterious.

Mehmood Ali Khan, popularly known as Meehmood was a great showman of Bollywood. He played comic roles and has worked in more than three hundred films varying roles, actor, director and producer.

The other characters are well constructed and represent a broad spectrum of defects (and some virtues) of human beings. The actors, perhaps needless to say, are big stars of Indian cinema, names like Nanda, Manoj Kumar, Pran (an expert in villian roles), Helen and many others. With a cast so immense and directed more than enlightened "Gumnaam" is not to be missed.


Original title: Gumnaam

Alternative Titles: The Unknown

Year: 1965

Country: India

Directed by: Raja Nawathe

Cast: Nanda, Manoj Kumar, Pran, Helen, Mehmood, Dhumal, Madan Puri, Naina

Length: 151 '

Production Company: Prithvi Pictures