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Strippers Vs Werewolves

"No werewolves were harmed During the making of this motion picture"

Hard times for the werewolves that go often to strip clubs and are hard times as always for strippers, torn apart, eaten, turned into something in many stories. But times are hard for Jonathan Glendening too an eclectic artist who has done a bit 'of everything in the world cinema and directed films of different genres.

Glendening here all wrong and the error list is long: first, he waste a title that could open several roads, he almost always forget to use the british humor, that has given us so much in horror movies too, he throws out a cast of star and above all he miss the right wave, the trend of the revival of the b movies. And is not all.  He trivializes all the homages to movies such as "An American Werewolf in London", "Monster Squad" and to a big wolf like Lon Chaney Jr.

Set in a strip club, a thing too easy already, but that justifies the inevitable boobs  of b movie, "Strippers Vs Werewolves" has an explosive start in the true sense of the word. It's promising, but then quickly it ends in a long trench of war of words, little action, too little blood and a few boobs.

Glendening settles the knockout with an infinite series of filmmaking effects, dominated by an almost constant split-screen and a few frames with cartoon, things that give the impression that the director in his life saw only the two "Kill Bill" (but he didn't understand them).

A little 'real movement is seen only in the last fifteen final minutes, in which the British director seems to find the right path. And it does so with strippers dressed as Little Red Riding Hood,  a real funny gag and some scenes more or less splatter. But even here after a nice start he looses the right way  with the usual graphical effects and a pointless account of how things are going in the final challenge between the two factions.

No way, this film doesn't works and we  save only the strippers, very well chosen. Even the special effects disappoint and are limited to a simple make-up, a few splash of blood not too much thought and some easy digital.

Here remains the all-star cast and we say this without exaggeration. There's the legendary Robert Englund that makes us think of a sort of union with his "Zombie Strippers" in 2008, Alan Ford who played Brick Top in "The Snatch" and the narrator in "Lock & Stock" (to cite two well-known films) and above all there is Steven Berkoff. Londoner, appreciated actor of theater and TV he became famous thanks to some mainstream films of the eighties: "Octopussy" in 1983, "Beverly Hills Cop" starring Eddie Murphy and "Rambo II", in which always he plays the part of a villain. Other names known to the British audience are Lysette Anthony, Sarah Douglas and Billy Murray.

We want to end with a warning for all the werewolves that reading this blog and attending strip clubs. In this film, one of you is killed in a club by a very scared stripper. The murder cause the desire for revenge from the family of werewolves, a mafia's stlye organization. On the other hand the strippers have little time to organize and stop this retaliation. It's up to you to chose the risk to go to strip club or go to  howling at the moon, like the old days.


Original title: Strippers Vs Werewolves

Year: 2012

Country: UK

Director: Glendening Jonahthan

Cast: Alan Ford, Robert Englund, Steven Berkoff, Lee Asquith-Coe, Lysette Anthony, Sarah Douglas, Billy Murray

Duration: 92 '

Production Company: Black & Blue Films

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