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The Inglorious Bastards


It's november 2008. Please note. Even before bursts the mania, that the web is filled with monographic sites and that the price of the DVD go up wildly, let's talk about this 1978's war movie by Enzo G. Castellari set during the Second World War.
A film that knows a bit 'of "The Dirty Dozen" and a bit' of "The Great Escape", but with characters and performers much more rustic.

Not so much considered and Work and almost fall into oblivion it returns to the news that a thanks to Quentin Tarantino, who at this moment is running a sort of remake using none other than Brad Pitt as star.
Forget Tarantino and his mates and return to the fateful 1978, the year in which Castellari gives life to this worthy Italian B Movie.

Is a crafted movie that should be seen in the original language to enjoy an incredible mixture of languages: English, Italian and even a genuine "fuck." (in italian).

Known as "Inglorious Bastards" in the world must be admired for the great effort that everyone put to create a good product. The result is not always convincing, but Castellari tries.

He tries, with the scenarios evocating that age and especially with a plot full of events. Sometimes this movie falls for a limited budget and a sometime for missing  ideas.

But Castellari is lucky to work with actors who do their duty well, making this movie violent and dirty as many war movies, and he has too the skill to work with few thing as many colleagues of the time.

The story tells of a group of military, prisoners and in the death row in a U.S.military camp in the Ardennes. It 's the 1944 and while this group consists of the deserter Berle, Tony, the thief, the Fred the killer and Yeager the mutineer, is led to the gallows, the Nazis attack, destroy the convoy, killing the escort, giving freedom to our heroes who pointing immediately to neutral Switzerland.

The escape of course is not successful, because they find themselves in the midst of a lot of events. They find a Nazi soldier, a group of nurses that despite the war are bathing naked and happy. But above all, due to an incredibile error, they become the protagonists of a very important mission. Almost a suicide mission or that involves the destruction of a Nazi convoy who is leading a powerful missile at the front.

So, a plot so full of things  couldn't attract the attention of Tarantino and above a critical reevaluation. This is a work that a part the inspiration from other films and the tide of blooper is enjoyable. It 's a movie that convinces and delighting, dazzling the audience and obviously appeals to cinefiles. A fundamental movie in the vast filmography of good Enzo G., maybe the best, perhaps the most famous or just lucky one.

Filmed in Lazio and in the Cinecittà studios, brings with it, as well as a lively history a series of curiosities that make it interesting.

As mentioned IMDB, if you paying attention you can see the many deaths of some actors. This error is due to the assembly that held the different shooting angles. Or some fighting scenes, made with body to body or with knifes, because it's said that at one point they finished the bullets and moneys too.

In the DVD was released in 2008, there is an interview with the good Castellari, which reveals that some scenes were changed because at the time, due to the years of brigades and terror the Italian law prohibiting the possession of weapons. In fact, the scene of the fortress is made with crossbows and other strange weapons.

A cult movie itself, which in addition to the work of Tarantino that we shall see, has triggered the spark for a documentary called "Those of the Cursed Armored Train - Making of 'Inglorious Bastards."
Interesting is also the curriculum of the actors, many of whom have investments in many other films and works.

Bo Svenson who plays the leader Yeager, as well as being a Swede then enlisted in the Marines was a star of the TV series of the seventies. He later shot an episode of "Magnum PI" but also was the Reverend Harmony "Kill Bill Vol.2" (Maybe it's him who has spoken of "Inglorious Bastards"?).

Peter Hooten (Tony) became famous thanks to this film, then made other works of a certain thickness.
"2020 I Gladiatori del Futuro" of the great Joe D'Amato, "L'Orca Assassina" and with "Non aprite Quella Porta" he ends in 1990 his career.

We also find Fred Williamson former football player, who at the end of a great career as well as pose naked on "Play Girl" began his career as an actor. He starred on television shows such as "Star Trek," "Chips," "Fantasy" and in numerous films, including  "Mash," "Starsky & Hutch" "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Poultrygeist." In addition, a series of films as a director. Of course B Movies.
Michael Pergolani (Nick) is a journalist and radio host from the curriculum rather important. He  was also writer of extraordinary film with Troisi and Arena "No Grazie il caffè mi rende nervoso"
Ian Bannen who plays Colonel Buckner was a great actor who participated in "Gandhi" and also was nominate for Best Supporting Actor at Oscar. He died in a car accident.
Finally, the actor Raimund Harmstorf was an actor of television shows such as "Derrick" and starred with Bud Spencer in some movies. He committed suicide a few years ago.


Original title: Inglorious Bastards
Alternative Titles: Assault or Trem Blindado (Brazil), Inglourious Basterds (Italy, working title), Bohaterowie z piekl (Poland), Commando bastards (Norway), Counterfeit Commandos (USA reissue title) Deadly Mission (USA) by Expresso Blindado SS Nazi (Brazil), G.I. State (USA recut version), Haufen verwegener Hunde, (Germany) Hell's Heroes (USA video title) Panssarijunalla helvettiin Finland) The Dirty Bastard (Philippines), The Inglorious Bastards (USA) A poignè de salopards (France)
Country: Italy
Duration: 99 min. Germany: 76 min (cut version) UK: 90 min
(Cut version)
Year: 1978
Director: Enzo G.Castellari
Cast: Bo Svenson, Peter Hooten, Fred Williamson, Michael Pergolani, Ian Bannen, Raimund Harmstorf
Production Company: Concorde Films