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Midnite Plowboy

"Meet The Original Hollywood Hillbilly"

This film by Buckalew it's incredible: it has a plot! And more than a funny title, which spoof  "Midnite Cowboy" of Schlesinger.

What happened to the bucolic director and to the ultra-trash producer Harry Novak, we do not know, but here, these two amaze us. There is a story, there is a better realization and a setting in a city,  Los Angeles.

Don't imagine however something special, because the story isn't written by Waldo Salt, but by Bethel Buckalew who can not give up many soft-core scenes and an industrial quantity of naked bodies.

But the story of the plowboy Junior has its own logic. This boy leave from his farm to go to the city to seek fortune. He  didn't finds it. He finds other. First of all a nasty couple who gives him a ride and forces him to have sex with them. Then he arrived in Los Angeles and ends up in a brothel, in which he tests all the girls and for which he started to working, driving a van with a girl on the back. A sort of prostitution at home. He finds love and the time to solve some problems of the  brothel.

A variation in the filmography of Buckalew that remains anchored to his ideas, the simplicity of the plot and a very minimal realization. But here he says something.

The cast is chosen as usual good. Apart from Jack Richesin often seen in films of the director, there are also Terri Johnson and Debbi Osborne. The first one was an actress very present in minor roles in American erotic cinema. Debbi Osborne instead had much more success, in the same genre, working with Novak and Buckalew and reaching the top of his career with roles in "The Toy Box", "Cindy And Donna" and "The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio" all in few years.


Original title: Midnite Plowboy

Alternative Titles: Midnight Plowboy (USA), Quellen erotischer Lust (Germany), Sunset Girls (undefined), Vals på vägkanten (Sweden)

Year: 1971

Country: USA

Director: Bethel Buckalew

Cast: Jack Richesin, Terri Johnson, Debbi Osborne, John Tull, Nan Cee, Cristy Anna

Production Company: Pure Gold Productions