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La Settima Donna


The style exercises on the theme "rape ravenge" also involve Franco Prosperi one of the most famous "Mondo"  which in 1978 direct "La Settima Donna".

A tasteless title for a film that follows without hiding "The Last House On The Left" and cites "L'Ultimo Treno Della Notte" of Lado.

So you can guess that the story is not at all original and on this must be added the low performance and poor interpretation of the protagonists. A disappointing Prosperi that also disappoint the lovers of  blood, because "La Settima Donna" prefers to talk about violence, rather than to show it.

We know, you could say that there is nothing bad in this regard, which is a choice in contrast with the movie like this, and it's quite original and that this choice will be the winning choice of a Austrian film of 1997. Yes is true, you 're right but we are talking about "Rape & Ravenge"  exploitation cinema, where violence reigns supreme (and must do it) then, even considering that there is also the plagiarism of the scene of the murder with torture (view in the movie of Aldo Lado), the film Prosperi lack also in this aspect.

We don't throw all away though, because there are something interesting aspects in this film . We like to say, the character of Aldo, misinterpreted by an apathetic Ray Lovelock, who is in part of the ideologue, so to speak, the good one but he is also the sadistic manipulator of the whole story. Or even the violent scenes of the robbery that opens the story, a short and successful moment of "poliziottesco." They're not bad even a few moments of action made in slow motion, or the ending that may have inspired Tarantino's "Death Proof".

But aside from these moments and the beautiful location (Argentario), there is little significant.

We are faced with the usual three fugitives who for various reasons come into a villa. In there there is Sister Cristina with her students. They are setting up Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". From dream to nightmare, as the three, hold hostage the girls and they don't hesitate to rape them or humiliate them, including Sister Cristina.

It's a  "Rape" but also it's a "Revenge" and things dont'go always well for the three.


If Franco Prosperi had tried a road a bit 'different, or had dared more, not to mention making a decent and sufficient acting at least, this could be a good movie for the genre. Rather than in Lovelock, even Florinda Balkan does not do his duty, flattening her character. If the two main characters do not render as expected, everything falls apart. The rest of the cast is made up of a number of actors and actresses that we will see in other productions. Some examples are: Laura Trotter, Karina Verlier, Luisa Maneri and Sherry Bucanan. Paradoxically, the most important and the most incisive is Ferruccio Amendola that does not appear in the film, but he dubbed one of the three criminals.