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Giallo A Venezia


There are two "Giallo" in Venice not one. There is to understand who and how made a movie like this. What sick mind can go so far? There is also to understand who and why has financed this movie.

Because  "Giallo in Venezia" is an incredible trash moment that comes to us from 1979. Proud on the one hand to have this jewel in our reviews on the other hand we must say that it was very difficult to see this movie.

Mario Landi,  the director of “Le Inchieste Del Commissario Maigret”, but above all is the man who gave us trash pearls in the last years of his career, including the unforgettable "Patrick Still Lives."

A comparison between the two works is almost reassess the history of horror "Patrick Still Lives", which also shares some interpreter with this erotic movie. Hard to believe, but "Giallo A Venezia" is really worst than "Patrick Still Lives". And we are optimistic.

The story in itself is not credible, such as all the various suspects and witnesses seem to compete for who is the best "asshole", forgetting events and representing them later. If you see a strange thing and you have no need to hide, why you say it some times after apologizing to have forgotten? Boh.
The police however is more than bizarre. Someone is a maniac who finds pleasure in doing autopsies on women (...), someone is a diligent and silent cop, all led by Commissioner De Paul that looks like a character from the mythical Merli after smoking marijuana. Disheveled, agitated, with a failed sense of humor and with the catchphrase of hard-boiled eggs with the  that continues to eat for the whole story. Gesture that serves to characterize the character, either as Kojak with lollipops or maybe Maigret's pipe, but the choice is very annoying.

Landi doesn't hide his desire of extreme. Eroticism bordeline with home made porn, which was probably inserted to attract more audience, but in reality, due to its roughness, reduces even more the film. And then a couple of splatter scenes, very violent, which have the same effect of the eroticism, ie They undermine even more the whole.

 What we would like to save (in part) is the narration of the story, that consists of long flashbacks interspersed by contemporary investigations. But only that.

It starts with a couple found dead in a canal of Venice. Our commissioner begins to investigate the life of the couple, who turns out to be focused on morbid sex. Meanwhile a psychopath kills so grim a couple of victims, murders that are worth of tho additional words. A prostitute stabbed in the vagina (and she bleed from the mouth ...) and a woman who is cut off one leg and then stored in a refrigerator. In the second case, the protagonist is Mariangela Giordano, as well as having had minor parts in many films (some even well done), it makes a bad end in "Patrick Still Lives" too.

Apart from these little curiosity "Giallo in Venezia" drags with vague twists and cob the aforementioned erotic scenes of series B and the Commissioner continues to gesticulate and eating eggs. Then comes the final scene instead to amaze everyone, as it would like, gives a sense of liberation. Not for the plot, but because the "Giallo A Venezia" ends. Us that we had made an omelet for dinner, we remain fasting throughout the redundant trash that we saw.
Gianni Dei, unwatchable acting, is Fabio, the protagonist. The manic, morbid, man of the couple who forces his wife to strange affair, exhibitionists and more. His battered wife is played by Leonora Fani a small star of the seventies, famous for erotic movies and some service in Playboy and Playmen.


Original title: Giallo In Venice

Alternative titles: Yellow in Venice (International), Gore in Venice, Thriller in Venice (Indefinite), Mystery in Venice (USA)

Year: 1979

Directed by: Mario Landi

Country: Italy

Cast: Gianni Dei, Leonora Fani, Jeff Blynn, Michele Renzullo, Aeolus Capritti, Vassilli Karis, Mariangela Giordano

Production Company: Elea Film

Duration: 91 '