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Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

How unpredictable is life!. Tura Satan in 1965 is little known actress. Very beautiful,no doubt about this, thanks to a crazy mix: a little 'Japan, a
little 'Filipino, a little' cherokee and also a bit Irish, but she is unknown to the world, an artist who than the most one can boast is a brief appearance in "Irma La Douce."
Russ Meyer, however, already known to audience has an idea for a movie and the fate wants that the two meet each other.

That film, better this film, will change forever the life of the beautiful actress, who became known as an icon. She becomes an icon for the femminst, who see an heroine, she becomes an icon for men, thanks to her beauty, and also for film critics.

All of them after some time, we must say, begin to consider her and "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! "A stone milliare movie. With this movie born the myth of an actress who still forty-three years after boasts a large number of fans, with tributes in "Facebook" "MySpace" and
any other form you can imagine.

The career of Tura is swallowed by this character and the actress appeared in other few movies ("The Astro-Zombies" and "The Doll Squad" the most famous) lives from that day exploiting the character of Varla. And this shows more than any unworthy words by us scribblers, as this film is entered in
film history and it's needless to say at this point
that directors like Tarantino and Waters have
praised it.

"Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was created in a fertile period for Meyer, who after a little time creates "Mudhoney," "Motorpsycho" and this one, that is considered by many the highest point of his career. The spark for this movie came from Eve Meyer, wife of the director in that years, who has the idea. An idea then transformed and actually put on film in black and white for budget issues with actresses taken from small clubs of Los Angeles.

In fact the battery of women, doesn't stop with the bursting Tura, but continues with the equally bursting Haji that we will see in other films of Meyer, Lori Williams and the playgirl Susan Bernard For the male there is the good Stuart Lancaster Meyer's favorite actor. And then we go.

"Welcome to the violence," says the voice at the beginning of the movie, and in fact the three, Varla, Rosie and Billie, the busty girls, unleash a fine mess. They goes around violent and beautiful in the American desert, driving a sportcar, causing a couple, killing him, kidnapping and drugging her, the beautiful Linda played by Susan Bernard.

Not bad start isn't? Think that things gets worse The three run into a strange little family composed by an old man and his two sons, Kirk and Vegetable, muscular, silent and dumb. They find even that old, someone says, hide a large sum of money in the ranch. From here on,the girls try in all ways to find money, they try with the flair and enticing Vegetable, then they try in the same way with Kirk, but this fact undermines the harmony of the group. If so It could be called.

Don't think that the bad here are only the girls, beacuse the little family is good in evil too. The old man who tries to rape Linda, and the two brothers for love or for revenge kill without thinking too much.

"Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" is a game to massacre, where all go mad and starts to fight. It's a fast story, full of events difficult to summarize, set in the dusty American desert so dear to Russ Meyer. It's a movie that never tires, given the dizzying pace, sometimes even exaggerated. A great masterpiece in short.

A masterpiece which brings with it a whole series of curiosity which make it even more mythical. To begin right by her, Tura Satan, who seems had a bad character. So hard to get constant bickering with Meyer, who, being the director had the final word. Or almost. Tura, then, was so rebellious to break a Meyer's rule, the one that sex is forbidden on set, and as the director said, the girl passed hot nights with one guy of the crew. But the two, however, apart from the quarrels began to esteem, thanks to the fact that Tura,temper or not, put in the movie ideas and insights important that have certainly helped this film to become a myth.

Legends and anecdotes or perhaps real, perhaps enlarged,as the fact that Lori Williams had assured tha se can drive, then once on set, she admitted that was unable or as the mother of Susan Bernard present on the set to complain to the few parts that had a daughter. Legends and myths, true stories as
that Tura Satan had scored a part of the rights of the movie, a thing that probably has always prevented the realization of a remake, and here we return to the legend, with Tarantino interested in it with Britney Spears as a leading actress.