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Sinful Deeds

 A serial killer is out to punish the sinners



If we did a poll about what is the most obvious place where to set an erotic film, one of the answers is for sure a "Strip Club". Easy. Easy. A place where the flesh is already in the wind as an optional included in the package. A place where those who enter in it certainly doesn't drink a coke and look at the furnitures.
So "Sinful Deeds" in addition to being an erotic movie, it would also be a thriller with a bad location not at all surprising. And if you want to know it begin with two bodies twisted into a bed, just to cut the the introduction and go straight to the point. These are the characteristics of this American film of 2003, which reveals everything immediately and makes us understand in the first few minutes what to expect.

Tons of soft-core and naked scenes between dance and music on which falls, in a polite and non-invasive way, the "blood" that the thriller side of the movie wants. A violent side that doesn't trigger even half spurt (of blood) or slaugthered bodies but showing only a knife that go up and down.
At this point, you should have easily understood who are the victims of the killer and you just have to believe in the easier idea, yes...are the strippers and we don't want to say who is the killer! Very easy to image!
Around the core of the story (if we can define this...) there are the heroine of the moment and the policeman who investigates.
"Sinful Deeds" is probably one of the worst thriller in the history of cinema, a soft-core movie like many others, that fails to hide in any way among the many tits and asses a really bad story, a lack of direction and acting at limit the offense to the audience. We didn't expect much from a direct-to-video movie, but here overdo it too much.
This movie was directed by Dante Giove director who hangs out in the genre, it has a cast which we can't deny the physical apparences, composed by Syren, porn star and model Philippine moved to Hawaii and other stars of the genre, like Angelica Sin, Adjia and Isabella. By the men there the experts Brad Bartman and John Crow who can boast a great rasemblance with Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea.