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Caligola e Messalina

Orgies, orgies and murders. Orgies, orgies and murders. "Caligula and Messalina" by Bruno Mattei and Antonio Passalia it's all here. And there is very little else to say, except that it was easy to imagine that one of the most controversial Italian filmmakers, Mattei, might be interested in this subject, as well as many other colleagues to tell the truth. Mattei obviously not surprising even in the production, that is also easy to image and consists of a clever work of bricolage with a minimum of scenery, animals plasterboard, which replace the real ones and frames, with oceanic crowd, taken from other movies.

But contrary to what one might easily imagine, given the topic and especially the presence of Mattei, the film turns away from porn scenes, playing only the soft-core and some sly sequence witnessing the genitals. The only ones that exceed in real sex scenes are the horses, leading the film to be the porn version of National Geographic. They had sex often and they show physical attributes and one of them also provides some of the liquid to fill a bathtub.
For the rest, the story is well known. We have the life of Caligula, more fictional than ever, that runs through this very long film (one hour and fifty-one!) without any twist or great surprises. It's Terrible movie, else be expected, just one of many by Mattei, but rather than being bad is pretty damn boring.
The cast mixes with courage important italians characteristics such as Jimmy Il Fenomeno, Salvatore Baccaro, both used as always to regulars of genre cinema as Gino Turini and ending with the elegant Florence Guerin dealing with a small role.

Original title: Caligula and Messalina
Securities Alternative: Caligula y Mesalina (Spain), Caligula et Messaline (Italy), Caligula II: Dekadensen fortsätter (Sweden), Caligula and Messalina (International), Caligula ja Messalina (Finland), Caligula und Messalina (Germany), Caligula's Perversions ( USA), Kaligoulas kai Messalina (Greece).
Directed by: Bruno Mattei and Antonio Passalia
Cast: Vladimir Brajovic, Betty Roland, Francoise Blanchard, Raul Cabrera, Gino Turini, Angelo Arquilla, Piotr Stanislas, Vincent Lo Monaco
Length: 111 '