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Cani Arrabbiati

Journey is not the main theme, but it features both good and bad this "Cani Arrabbiati". A figured journey, in the cinema of Bava. The "journey" as the story of this film. And finally, the journey of the protagonists of the story.

The first, the Bava's cinema, once again gives us great emotions in a thriller on the road, which for some is one of his best works, and is also the only foray of the director into this genre.

Then there is the bizarre story of a film of 1974, which was not released due to the bankrupt of the production company and that only in the mid nineties, it has been resumed, adjusted and finally made it out in 1998, thanks toLea Lander, one of the protagonists of the film and Lamberto Bava.

It's a difficult film "Cani Arrabbiati", starting with the fact that there are six different endings contained in many versions, as writes in his book on the director Alberto Pezzotta , published by "Il Castoro Cinema". But it's a movie that is considered, rightly, a masterpiece "it's a true journey into hell, where the road movie's  situation becomes a journey of horror," writes Pezzotta, to which is added the rewiew of "Nocturno" "a masterpiece. The dark mirror of the cinema of Bava, its unacceptable removed, which, not surprisingly, has been invisible for years. "

Needless to say, our considerations agree with what is written by Pezzotta and "Nocturno". "Cani Arrabbiati" offers us a psychotic, claustrophobic, sweaty journey where the company is ruined, destroyed by greed, but on which falls a twist at the end that leaves literally speechless.

Compared to other works of Bava, everything is "easier". The director never use his wonderful cinematography or his charming games of light, and he place the history almost entirely inside a car, an Opel Rekord Caravan. Magically he manages to convey the aforementioned feeling of claustrophobia, a sense of discomfort that never leaves the audience, but it increases more and more.

Behind the camera, the director, alternating with slow speed and low-angle shooting tight.

The viewer is then trapped in this story, which he follows in suspense and horror. Horror due to the presence of a character helpless, but key to the whole story, a child, a sacred figure in the imagination, which increases the feeling of discomfort.

Unfortunately, "Cani Arrabbiati" has a couple of flaws, like some idea too tight, choices sometimes unnecessary, a dubbing a bit 'annoying and acting that is not always convincing. Not all players are able to create characters that are wonderfully wicked, among them the worst, sorry to say it, is our beloved George Eastman, one of the heroes of the "genre films", which does not perform well here the crazyness of his "Trentadue" (a nickname given to him for a phisic dowry...). In contrast, the unsuspecting Don Backy singer and composer of the "Clan" of Celentano is perfect in the role of the mad "Bisturi", as well as Riccardo Cucciolla known voice actor, is in the role of Richard. The cast is completed by Lea Lander and Maurice Poli.

Adapted from a story by Ellery Queen, "Cani Arrabbiati" tells the bloody story of four criminals on the run after a violent robbery at an armored car. One of them, the driver "Fangio" ("Fangio, because it drove like a God ..") is killed and the other three, "Bisturi", "Dottore" and "Trentadue," have no other choice to stop a car and take hostage the driver, Riccardo, who is accompanying a child to the hospital. The group is completed by a woman hostage and they  live a number of situations, neurotic and crazy, on the edge, in which it lacks a bit 'of violence against hostages.

A cornerstone of the "genre films", a film not to be missed, flaws aside, someone listed the sources of inspiration for "Reservoir Dogs" by Quentin Tarantino. In fact, the tension is similar, as well as the decline of the base, but the dates are incongruent, "Cani Arrabbiati" was released only in the mid nineties three years after the Tarantinto's movie.'



Original title: Angry Dogs

Alternative Titles: Rabid Dogs (International), Kidnapped (Italy / USA restored version), Les chiens Enrages (France), Semáforo rojo (Spain), Red Light (Italy)

Year: 1974

Country: Italy

Directed by: Mario Bava

Cast: Don Backy, George Eastman, Lea Lander, Maurice Poli, Riccardo Cucciolla

Duration: 96 '

Production Company: International Media Films, Hope Film Festival