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Gettin Into Heaven

Heaven Is a Place or a Woman?

The protagonists of this film are the tits. Not in a general sense, but the ones that accompany the legendary Uschi Digard. Boobs, her, shooting almost every minute, from all angles and rarely covered by something.

Their Swdish proprietary however, has a minor role in this film (just because her tits alone could not go on the set) and interprets Heaven, a character who also shows us that there is a vague (...) double meaning in the title.

The performance of boobs of Ms Digard is definitely impact, it is well known, and them overshadows the performance of the same part of the body, always valid for the record, of the other two actresses who are the other female side of the cast (Jeanni Lynn and Miles White). Basically it works like this: there are boobs of Uschi Digard and then something else. But much after.

"Gettin Into Heaven" apart from all this show of female parts,  is not a rude film, nor a porn. It 'a frivolous comedy, of his time, the late sixties and early seventies. No message, beautiful soundtrack, lots of fun and lots of boobs (we don't remember if we've already written).

Maybe Russ Meyer likes this movie, even if there isn't his great art.

The director is Edward L.Montoro, director of two films, but then producer of immense success as "Grizzly" 1976.

Simple story, fast narration, here we find  the life of Heaven, an aspiring actress to get a part in a movie goes to bed with a producer. Not only her, but also her roommate Sin. She is stopped one day by a nerd cop (Bernie) and she invites him to show him .... driver's license in her home. Evidently impressed by ... the driver's license, Bernie falls in love with Heaven.

Meanwhile, she and Sin continue to try to convince the producer, coming to wager a part with a sexual marathon, which should bring down the man. But nothing to do, are the two women and a friend added later, that wen ko.

Being a screwball comedy, the manufacturer has an brillant idea between  tits and led the movie to a happy ending (otherwise we can not define).

Some decent gags, a good character as Bernie, that has nothing to do with the context and a lovely soundtrack. Simple and immediate. That's all.


Original title: Gettin Into Heaven

Alternative Titles: Lustgefühle (Germany), Cream Heaven, Gwiazdka (Poland)

Year: 1970

Directed by: Edward L.Montoro

Cast: The tits Uschi Digard, Uschi Digard, Jennie Lynn, Miles White, Scott Cameron, Phyllis Stengel

Duration: 87 '

Production Company: Expix, Film Ventures International (FVI), Montoro-Somich-Productions