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Invaders From Mars

From out of space ... came hordes of green monsters!



Simple and straightforward as an invasion of the earth, this film reaches, in any case, its purpose. "Invaders From Mars" is a fun  "low budget" sci-fi of 1953, that with 2 or 3 good ideas becomes very interesting.
We must say, that there aren't big surprises,  the story it's very easy and it's only a fight of some terrestrials versus the martians, with very
stereotyped characters, as very clever member of U.S.
But there is a marvelous appareance, that conquer the audience. Starting with a good use of colors a perfect use of the techniques of the time, some good scenaries and a
soundtrack that goes well with the evolution of history.

The imbalance in favor of aesthetics is perhaps due to the presence of director William Cameron Menzies, a factotum of the cinema, who also lived the era of silent film.
Among the many works he made for the big screen, Menzies went down in history for his role as "Art Director". A figure, shaped and redefined by himself, which saw him involved in major productions, including "Gone With The Wind" (in which he shot the sequence of the burning of Atlanta) and that gave him awards and two Oscars for "The Dove" and "Tempest" in 1927 and 1928 respectively.

In this great resume, however, the role of director was a bit 'less important, although Menzies boasts major works such as sci-fi "Things To Come", from a story by HG Wells and especially "The Thief Of Bagdad" of 1940, in collaboration with other filmmakers.
Here we find him near the end of his career and, unfortunately, a few years before his death, but in great form, in a film in which he places different ideas and visions of great quality.For example, the sequence shot at the police station, which seem a place white and harmless, but with a sinister aura. Good scene are also the one in  the planetarium, the aliens' spaceship and also the "easy" typical American house.

The characters, very typical of sci-fi, are made from naturally happy (at the beginning) American family, the clever hero, the beautiful doctor and the usual soldiers, but also a little new thing, a child, the main character , which tells the story from his perspective.
His name is David is a passionate kid, like the father, of astronomy, so much to set the alarm at night to see the stars. One night of them, trying to see a one time event, he saw (is also an extraordinary event), a large flare that falls near his house. Nobody believes him, of course. But soon he notices the changes in people and a strange red mark on the neck of the same. The only ones who seem to listen at him is Dr. Pat Blake and astronomer Stuart Kelson, who trust the guy.

In fact, the flash was an alien spaceship that went under the sand and began a long process of conquering the minds of humans, with the aim to conquer the planet. The three protagonist try but is not easy, to stop the mission.

We dont' have summarized the plot, in fact, it is exactly this, a straight line, which provides for attack, defense and counterattack. No other things, apart from the visions of Menzies.

In the cast are Helena Carter in her last appearance. British-born American actress, became a model and then an actress rather request in Hollywood in the late forties and the early part of the fifties. Milburn Stone instead went down in history for a television character starred in the series "Gunsmoke," a series  long-lived, lasted twenty years. With them there are also an expert of the "B Movies" as Arthur Franz, actors as Morris Ankrum and Leif Erickson and the young meteor (in fact his character was passionate about astronomy) Jimmy Hunt, who then didn't do much in  the  world cinema apart starring in the remake of "Invaders From Mars" of 1986  by Tobe Hoper.



Orginale Title: Invaders From Mars

Alternative Titles: Invasores de Mars (Spain, Venezuela), Anfall från Mars (Sweden), Avaruuden pirut, Rymdens djävlar (Finland), Eisvoleis ap 'ton Ari (Greece), The Space Invaders (Italy), Hódítók to Marsról (Hungary) , Invasion vom Mars (Germany), The attaque des Martiens (Belgium), Les invaders de la planète rouge (France), Mars valt aan (Belgium, Flemish) Najezdzcy z Marsa (Poland), Os Invasores de Mars (Brazil), Osvajači know Marsa (Serbia)

Year: 1953

Country: United States

Director: William Cameron Menzies

Cast: Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, Jimmy Hunt, Leif Erickson, Hillary Brook, Morris Ankrum, Max Wagner