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Nurse Sherri

Nurse Sherri has big boobs, her colleague Tara too. A kind of magician has an heart attack in the desert. He ends up in hospital and dies.
What is the connection between big tits and magical powers? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Just as there is no glue throughout this film, so we feel entitled to start that way.
The great Al Adamson, almost at the end of his career, delights us once again with an amazing "B Movie". A film that goes into history for its utter madness, mixing a poor implementation and poor acting, a plot imaginative and largely meaningless. A film that shows how much trouble has the production, even for a double with a demonic voice the protagonist. Quiet of sync, like this work, , not credible and with special effects that define funny is an understatement.

"Nurse Sherri" or "Possession Of Nurse Sherri" has a very simple story that for the most part we have already described in the first lines. The rest consists by the magician's powers passing to Sherri, who possessed by some evil spirit, begins to kill a little '. Just a little 'however, even a lot, sometimes she only  threaten. In the meantime, however, Tara befriends a patient, a football player momentarily blind (seems a quote from "The Day Of Trifids"), which explains why these strange facts happen.
As a corollary of this we also find a nympho nurse and Sherri's boyfriend who tries in every way to remedy to the various problems. There would also occasionally the overlay head of the magician, but we prefer to forget.

"Nurse Sherri" in any case it is a great movie for us, fans of "so bad so good." Adamson shows good will, as usual, sticking in the wake of "The Exorcist", remaining, however, very far away.
The American director, spare everything from the location to the blood, giving to us a kind of tragi-comic adventure.
We love Adamson, you know, as well we adore Marilyn Joy little queen of the "blaxploitation" and goddess of the director, we can say also that here she shows  good aesthetic surgey. She plays Tara, a friend  of Sherri
and confidant of football player. The main character is played by Jill Jacobson instead, here in her second movie and the before to become a famous interpreter of many American TV series, such as "Falcon Crest" and even "Star Trek."


Original Title: Nurse Sherri

Alternative Titles: Beyond the Living, The Possession of Nurse Sherri, Terror Hospita, Hospital of Terror (USA), Voodoo Black, Hands of Death (Indefinite), Killer's Curse (UK)

Country: USA

Year: 1978

Directed by: Al Adamson

Cast: Geoffrey Land, Jill Jacobson, Marilyn Joi, Mary Kay Pass, Pentiss Moulden, Bill Roy, Erwin Fuller, JC Wells

Duration: 88 '

Production Company: Independent International Pictures