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Django Unchained

Nobody touches Tarantino. And Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo Di Caprio, Don Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson and Franco Nero too. After sid that, we cry out for  miracle for "Django Unchained". No.

Tarantino and his films quotationism, restorer, but also innovator, continues to create jewelry for the audience, and to re-evaluate genres and actors of the past. It 's always a pleasure to see one of his films and here he doesn't overcome his dogma, proving once again that he knows all the rules of the game, but he wants to revise at his will but also for our use.

The extinct Italian genre cinema inspires to him another (good) history, and if the last time was "War" with "Inglorious Bastards", this time is the "Spaghetti Western" with "Django", the "D" is mute,  was taken from a film by Sergio Corbucci of 1966, with Franco Nero. A legendary film, adored at time, that inspired an endless series of imitations and spin-offs and already honored by none other than Takashi Miike in 2007 .

The modern Django becomes "Unchained", and from the Corbucci's work it carries exclusively the desire for revenge, for the rest, for better or for worse, Tarantino follows his own path, not easy by the way, going to uncover one of the major historical sins of the United States: slavery.Once again he plays with the history so much revised, improved yield, and very liberating.

The game, however, despite not having serious defects, in our humble opinion, is not as compelling as that of "Inglorious Basterds". Strong of his long and absurd dialogues, Tarantino undermines the first rule of a genre in which the persons spoke a little, and especially they before shot and then asked questions. He put in this movie, less irony as usal less violence, even if the killing splatter like is not lacking and a direction less compelling than in the past.

He goes also beyond a physical law, overcoming what could have been a natural ending and adding a long appendix. Long, very long, maybe a little 'too much, this "buddy movie" is, pay attention, a film that only a genius like Tarantino could create. A film like few that can talk about a subject uncomfortable and inconvenient a slice of history, using a channel very unusual.

Between quotations and infinite movie citations, there is also the Germanic mythology, in this story whose protagonists are a white man and a black man. The first is starring Christoph Waltz, bad German Jews hunter in "Inglorious Basterds," which here becomes the good bounty Germen hunter, Dr.King Schultz.

His interpretation is again very great and lead him to won  "Golden Globe" and  so again being among the candidates for another "Oscar". His character is very similar to Nazi's Landa, and he takes away the element of surprise, though, we repeat, Schultz is perfect in every aspect. With him there is the great protagonist Django Freeman  freed slave from Schultz who is seeking revenge, played by a masterful and sometimes ironic Jamie Foxx.

The two are the protagonists of a story of friendship and guns, anti-racist and full of events.

Schultz is a self-proclaimed dentist that runs on a funny carriage. One night he meets a column of slaves in transit from which he wants to buy the Django. The negotiations with the slavers are not friendly, but Django goes away with the dentist. The german is not a real doctor, is a bounty hunter who needs to recognize three criminals, who can be identified only by Django. Accomplished the mission, between the two men born a truly friendship, and a sort of parternship. Django helps Schultz in his work throughout the winter. Then, Schultz helps Django to find his wife Broomhilda used as a "girl of pleasure" at the plantation "Candieland" owned by the young hereditary Calvin Candie. With a trivial excuse the two infiltrate in this place, pretending to want to buy a Mandingo. But even here the negotiations are not easy. Seemingly defeated again and sold as a slave Django back to Candieland to quench his thirst for revenge and to free Broomhilda, as Siegfried in "The Ring Of Nibelung".

Enemies and friends of the two, are a series of characters incredibly beautiful, made  by the masterful interpretations of the many big names of the cast. A casting this has been long and full of rumors, with several other big names like Wil Smith, Sascha Baron Cohen, Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell more than near to play in the movie.

The best interpretation for us is that of an almost unrecognizable Samuel L.Jackson, who plays Stephen an apparently insolent and stoned butler, but great counselor in reality, of Calvin Candie. The rich noble owner of a huge plantation is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor that we don't like too much, till 2000 more or less, (sorry for that but "Titanic" is a really bad movie), but  then with a series of good performances in decent movies,  he has earned our respect, confirmed here with a haughty character, violent and cunning.

The large cast is completed with cameos by Franco Nero (can't miss) and Don Johnson another hateful landowner. In his segment we find the funniest scene of the whole movie, a blatant mockery of the Klu Klux Klan, whose members wear caps that cover the view, making idling while they (attempted) a punitive expedition.

There is even Tarantino, who, if you've seen all his movies, you can imagine his end.  Bomb and explosive as its director, this is another great chapter of cinema for an artist who for now has not missed a beat ever.



Original title: Django Unchained

Alternative Titles: Django since cadenas (Argentina, Chile, Mexico), Đangova osveta (Serbia), Джанго без окови (Bulgaria), Django (Poland), Django Lelo Ma'atzorim (Israel), Django Libertado (Portugal), Django Livre ( Brazil), Django desencadenado (Spain), Django dezlantuit (Romania), Django elszabadul (Hungary), Django, ο Τιμωρός (Greece), Istrukes Dzango (Lithuania), Nespoutany Django (Czech Republic), Odbjegli Django (Croatia), Zincirsiz ( Turkey)

Year: 2013

Country: USA

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Starring: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Walton Goggins, Dennis Christopher, James Remar, David Steen, Dana Michelle Gourrier, Nichole Galicia

Duration: 165 '

Production Company: Weinstein Company, Columbia Pictures, Brown 26 Productions