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High Crime

One of the few certainties that we have in life, is that mixing the elements, be open-minded and willing to dare, are things that often pay. We don't want to do the philosophers, but only to point out that a director, Enzo G.Castellari, which until 1973 had been working mainly on western and a few other genres, enter  in the poliziottesco and creates one of the most important chapters.

His views and a lot of experience, including in the international cinema (Castellari cites "Bullit" as inspiration), are put in this work, a  real complete success, which also provides many rules of a genre, baptized, as we know, by Steno and improved with this chapter.
"La Polizia incrimina la legge assolve" (aka "High Crime"), is a story full of action and twists, masterfully directed by Castellari, who on a tangled plot, gives to us great moments of cinema. The most famous is undoubtedly the long chase from Genoa, by the highway,to Santa Margherita Ligure. A breathtaking sequence, designed in detail by the director and shot by Remy Julienne and his staff, the best Stutman at time.  The green olive car of the italian police vs a Citroen DS ambulance,fight it out on the streets of Liguria. A part this there are also much more memorable scenes as the  as the chase on foot through the "carrugi" (the narrow streets of the center of Genova), the discussion among commissioners that begins in the office and ends down the street or the dramatic scene of the strike  at the port (we talk about it later ). And then we find  a perfect and famous soundtrack composed by the brothers De Angelis and some moments of great cinematography.

Enzo G.Castellari has also the honor and the good luck to work with a grat cast, capable of creating intense characters. The protagonist is Franco Nero, a master for many commissioners, who are back in the shoes of a man of justice. The actor,  best known for the "spaghetti western" creates a complete character, tough with enemies but tender with the affections, giving to the audience what the audience expects. With him is none other than James Whitmore who was nominated twice for an Oscar and starred in many films of different genres.

Then we find Fernando Rey, which boasts works with Buñuel, Altman, Welles, Frears, Friedkin and the Italians Corbucci, Rosi and Wertmuller. The role of the beautiful, which never fails, is played by Delia Boccardo, an actress of cinema, theater and TV and also a model of Playboy in 1982. The list is completed by the equally good Silvano Tranquilli, Duillio Del Prete and Ely Galleani. And no doubt we'll agree: it's a cast to scream. That works well and is well-managed.

We are in Genoa, in the midst of a complex plan of drug with Marseille, managed by unsuspecting people, including estimated business men, and perhaps even higher men, who steal the trade to an old boss of the underworld (played by  the excellent Rey). Against to these criminal plans,there is the tenacious Commissioner Belli who is not afraid to tread on somebody shoes.
The movie shows from time to time brief flashbacks and continuous narrative moments that raise the level of tension. A great film, a milestone of the genre, that has got a huge success, even in the States, with the title of "High Crime". Filmed in Genoa more for advantages than for choice shows a perfect symbiosis with the city, an excellent location with the charm of a seaside place and in fact it always in Genoa Castellari directs a year after "Il cittadino si ribella". A film that has other attractions that you know by reading this nice interview to Castellari made from the site "Pollanet."
We remain very impressed that on the scene of the strike at the port, scene among other things on overload tension. The dockers (Camalli) were true and the police as well. The first had to insult the real cops and they took a lot of taste. toooo much!



Original title: The Police incriminate the Law accomplishes

Alternative Titles: High Crime (USA, International), A Polícia incriminate you ... A Absolve, Conexão Marselha (Brazil), Avrättningen, Kommissarie Bellie (Sweden) Biljagten (Denmark), Crime de Alto Nivel (Portugal), I katadioxi, To megalo eglima (Greece), Komisario Bellie (Finland), The policía holds the ley juzga (Spain), Le témoin a abattre (France), Strasse ins Jenseits, Tote Zeugen singen nicht (Germany) West, Streets of Eternity (Europe ), The Marseilles Connection (UK)

Year: 1973

Director: Enzo G.Castellari

Country: Italy
Cast: Franco Nero, James Whitmore, Fernando Rey, Delia Boccardo, Silvano Tranquilli, Ely Galleani
Duration: 94 '
Production Company: Capitolina Film Production, Films Country Star, Star Films SA