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Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat

Literally from the German "Six Swedes In a College", but we must tell you immediately: there aren't Swedes in this film.
Not even the director. Not even a technician. Instead, there is a fervent, ironic and a little 'maniac, mind of a genius of erotic  "low budget"
cinema Erwin C.Dietrich who offers us his usual work, which is a trivial excuse to show naked women and sex scenes.
It should be recognized that this is a movie well thought and it has two connotations perfect for the genre. The college and Swedish. The first is an ideal setting for a story of this kind, while the latter are a good subject for many hot adventures. The result is that together they light the most fervent fantasies. And so give light to these fantasies with six girls in a college school in the woods, a prey to many desires. With them a number of characters, providing insights (and much more physical) to the story. The list of the latter is very diverse, there are:  a teacher who have an affair with a fisherman, Hefty physical education teacher, a gardener, two plumbers and a voyeur.
All are in the woods, colorful, happy and carefree, with no real plot, with few clothes but with some gag, let's face it, nice. For this purpose we quote for example the gym class with naked students  and an optional in the bicycles.
The direction is of course trivial and loves to dwell on intimate details, close-ups very tight.
Another chapter in the
of the 70's filmography for the  laborious Swiss director, a film useless, but fun if contextualized. Brigitte Lahaie, statuesque French pornostar of the era is the biggest name. With her Anne Libert, Nadine Pascal seen in many other films of the time.
With "Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat" opens a series of improbable sequels and films inspired, not all the shot by Dietrich.


Original Title: Sechs Schwedinnen Im Pensionat

Alternative Titles: Koulutyttöjen kiima-aika (Finland), Six Swedes on a Campus, Untamed Sex (undefined), Six suédoises au collège, Suédoises au pensionnat (France), Superporno girls in college Swedish (Italy)

Year: 1979

Director: Erwin C.Dietrich

Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Anne Libert, Nadine Pascal, France Lomay, Danielle Troger, Kathleen Kane, Elsa Maroussia

Duration: 91 '