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Helga She Wolf Of Spilberg

"And that's to keep her body safe in the arms ..."

The graves are full of "She Wolf", some are only in the title, other in manners, and others try to imitate the most famous, the most morbid: The Queen Ilsa.
This "She Wolf" belongs to the last category, and Helga has an almost fanatical adoration for the queen. She is pretty equal, more, for us, but she hasn't the wickedness of Ilsa and she seems almost a copy of democratic and comedians attitudes, with the sole aim of finding anyone, man or woman, who comes into her bed and in If not to fend for herself. We are faced therefore with a very blunt version of the stories of torture and imprisonment, and, among other things it's more  "Women In Prison" than an "Nazisploitation" because there aren't Nazis anywhere.

Helga works for South American regime as the their faces say, but with European names, which is symbolized by two triangles crossed. She is manager of the o "Stilberg", a prison and another obvious reference, historic , so powerful, but dishonorable.

So the blonde Helga makes us spend time showing her erotic adventures in a "B movie" trash in the right points. With an "iron fist" the blonde "She Wolf" tries to steer the prison in which is enclosed the daughter of the leader of the rebels. Violent squeeze, ripped clothing and implicit violence are scored by her and her soldier, most for sexual instincts that contempt for the enemy.

Everything is extremely "low budget", minimal, but in this context there is the beauty of an Italian actress, perhaps a bit 'forgotten today, but star of genre cinema of the time: Malisa Longo. Born in Venice she has starred many films, ranging in many genres, from "Nude ... you die" to "Salon Kitty", through "Emanuelle Black and White" to "Mark Colpisce Ancora" not to mention "Anno Zero: Guerra Nello Spazio. " These are just a few of her many works in the cinema and are part of an artistic career continued in later years as a writer and author. With her Patrizia Gori, another presence of other in genre cinema , seen in many erotic movies and in the noir "Quelli Che Contano" with Barbara Bouchet and Henry Silva. Two beauties, along with many other extras that rise up, at least from the aesthetic point of view, the result of this film. By men side there is the expert Richard Allan.

The legendary French house "Eurocine" that has given so much to the low budget exploitation and eroticism strikes again, then, with a very bad movie,  that creates a little 'sympathy (and hilarity).


Original title: Helga La Louve De Stilberg

Alternative titles: Bloody Camp (Germany), Girl Slaves, Helga the Leather Mistress (Canada, English title), Helga - Heksen between Silberg (Denmark), Helga, She Wolf of Spilberg (USA), Helga, to de Loba Stilberg (Portugal ) The hot beast Spilberg (Italy), The She Wolf of Spilberg (European title)

Year: 1977

Directed by: Patrick Rohm

Cast: Malisa Longo, Patrizia Gori, Richard Allan, Dominique Aveline, Alban Ceray, Jacques Marbeuf

Duration: 93 '

Production Company: Eurocine