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I Peccati di Madame Bovary

Gustave Flaubert would agree with us, this transposition can be see only for the presence of Edwige Fenech. If she wasn't there, we should talk about a film that is heavier than a parmigiana eaten on the beach in August (Who know, if Flaubert has never tasted it). Apart from that, since there is Fenech, who in 1969 was twenty-one years old and she has already starred in a decent list of sexy movies sexy, "Alla Dame Del Castello Piace Fare Solo Quello" and "Desideri e Voglie Pazze di Tre Insaziabili Ragazze", including those reviewed here, we stay to look at...this movie, from beginning to end, making a lot of questions, however, about the beautiful French actress.

We find Hans Schott-Shobinger as director who was an an important author, and cinema, theatre director and also an important personality for Bavarian cinema. In the last years of his career, this is the last film, he directed some sexy movies, signed with the pseudonym of John Scott.

As you can easily guess "The Sins of Madame Bovary", would be the transposition of the well-known Flaubert's novel, from which it try to take as much as possible and to reproduce faithfully the sufferings of the beautiful Emma.

There are however large variations on the theme, a lightening of context to make the story more palatable to the public. But even with these variations it's a very slow story, with no surprises, probably for its ispiration or for the years in which the film was made.

Everything is on the shoulders of the beautiful Edwige, accompanied among others by some actor who will meet again in "off" production like  Gianni Dei, he always, the hero of "Patrick Still Lives" or "Giallo in Venice" already expressionless, and there are also Peter Carsten, Rossana Rovere, Patrizia Auditori and Maria Pia Conte and a number of German actors.

The commitment is there and you can see, everyone is struggling with trying to make well the characters and give drama to the story, the photography is also good, but a little 'more pace would not hurt. Ah! If there wasn't Edwige!


Original title: Die nackte Bovary

Alternative Titles: The Sins of Madame Bovary (Italy), Madame Bovary (Spain, International), Les folles nuits de la Bovary (France), Oi erastes tis Madame Bovary (Greece), Os Pecados de Madame Bovary (Brazil), Play the Game or Leave the Bed (UK), The Sins of Madame Bovary (USA)

Director: Hans Schott Shobinger

Year: 1969

Country: Germany, Italy

Cast: Edwige Fenech, Gianni Dei, Peter Carsten, Rossana Rovere, Patrizia Auditori, Maria Pia Conte

Production House: Devon Film, Roger Fritz Filmproduktion, Triton Films