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La Ragazza Del Vagone Letto

Copy, inspired and quotes. A game of cinema, sometimes it works and sometimes, definitely not. Ferdinando Baldi former professor became a director of various genre movies, is in 1979 in a long-term artistic embarrassing, in which he directs many trash movies. "Nove Ospiti Per Un Delitto," "L'Inquilina Del Piano di Sopra", this film and a year later "La Compagna di Viaggio." A nice poker, believe it.

Of the four, this is undoubtedly the most presumptuous and without hiding nothing, Baldi takes a lot to "L'Ultimo Treno Della Notte", a movie that took a few things from "The Last House On The Left" and with a screenplay by George Eastman, creates a film that wants to go that way, but which in reality is a clumsy attempt to make cinema

For first, it is not clear if he would create a "Rape Ravenge" or an "Erotic Thriller", because there is something of both, but not so much as to justify one or the other category. Then the story flow trivially, accompanied by a series of characters that are lightweight or extremely predictable and above all without any evolution in the course of the story.
The bad for example "explain" their
intentions, since the first shot, and them never change during story. Three slender characters, which should be psychotic, exasperated, but in reality seem more in the grip of some hysteria.

Besides them, there are others easy characters which seems the sample, poorly done, instead of mankind represented well by Lado in his film. Here we have the train conductor, who runs a prostitution business, a pornographer business man, the father of a family in love with the daughter, a couple with seroius marriage problems, a marginal elder couple with the wife heavily sick dying and especially a duo  composed by a policeman and a prisoner for political reasons.

The story has a slow pace, very claustrophobic, with a flat direction, which after an hour exhausting the viewer. The message then and remains suspended in doubt, among the social critique, see all the human samples, and the morbid desire to see a little 'nudities.

The three criminals go on board on the train, they take possession of it and enslave the passengers to their will. The cause is the presence of Giulia, played by the beautiful Silvia Dionisio, a prostitute who works in the "Wagon Lit" in accordance with the train conductor. She refuses to have sex with one of the three, which are unleashed in retaliation. All passengers are subjected to violence or harassment, but above all are the women that end up in the worst situations. A ending very paradoxical as an action movie, with the hero who falls in love with the beautiful and self-sacrificing, easy to understand who he is, ends this story.

Apart from exploitation for business reasons, the three women are the best aspect of the movie. We are not only talking about appearance, because excluding the fact, very strange, taht they are often satisfied victims they undergo in a dose of machismo intense, excessive, partly vindicated by the pride of Giulia prostitute for necessity. Silvia Dionisio in her best period tries to give depth to her character, who deserves to be noted not only for physical merits.

Zora Kerowa is with her, and she is a Czech actress interpreter of many horror and Fiammetta Flamini a sort of double of Gloria Guida, who plays the role of eighteen initiated sex by one of the three criminals. Two shoulders that hold up well.

 For the men we find a number of well-known names of genre cinema, Venatino Venatini, the Austrian Werner Pochath, Andrea Scotti, Gino Milli, Gianluca Chirizzi, Stefano of "Malizia" and the voice actor Giancarlo Maestri.


Original title: La Ragazza Del Vagone Letto

Alternative Titles: Horror-Sex im Nachtexpress (Austria), Horrorsex im Nachtexpress (Germany), Oi tou viastes express 11 ton, To express tou tromou (Greece), Pelon Pikajuna (Finland), Teror ekspres (Slovenia), Terreur express (France ), Terror Express (International), Terror Expressen (Norway), Trende dehset (Turkey)

Year: 1979

Directed by: Ferdinando Baldi

Country: Italy

Cast: Silvia Dionisio, Werner Pochath, Zora Kerova, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Carlo De Mejo, Giancarlo Masters, Fausto Lombardi, Gino Milli

Duration: 84 '

Production Company: Rebirth Film