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Le Déclic

The name of Milo Manara opens to an sensual imaginary, elegant, made of many drawings. Plots that seem ideal for cinema, although the cinema industry took from him few stories.

Cinema and Manara, two worlds joined with a special friendship, with another great dreamer Federico Fellini. Two worlds that come together in this French film of 1985 directed by Jean-Louis Richard, who died in the last June and more famous as  actor (he worked with Truffaut and Godard) and screenwriter.

You could say that "Déclic" is therefore a easy subject to implement and we must add that the film boasts the presence of an actress in the peak of form, more than adequate to elegant eroticism. Everything is easy, a street esplanade? No, not really, something escapes. And the first to complain are Manara's fans who dislike the movie, considering it a poor implementation.

At this point, we stop and talk about the original the graphic erotic novel "Il Gioco" published in Iyaly by Playmen since 1982 and since 1984 in France (under the title "Le Declic") is one of the major successes of our Manara and has had over the years, three other "extensions" and colored versions. "Il Gioco" goes to the screen as well as in this film, in a TV series of the U.S. in 2001 with Gabriella Hall as the protagonist.

Intrigued by these criticisms, we wanted to read and see what had drawn Manara aand in fact we have to admit that this film softens the tone of a very imaginative novel, melee characters and situations, play a little with the theme and clings to the beauty of Florence Guérin and the skill of the male protagonist Jean-Pierre Kalfon.

Too bad, because the idea is very, very, sexy. Claudia Christiani is the beautiful young wife of a rich old businessman, without scruples. His employ a henchman called Dr.Fez, test for morbidity on the young woman his own invention: a gimmick, like radio, which if enabled triggers the libido of Claudia, previously hypnotized. So, Claudia, very reserved and conservative, is found to lash out in the most unthinkable. In a dressing room with a priest, with the butler, with an man in a cinema and finally in a long (and hot) escape into the woods, pursued by another stooge of the husband who resists the temptation (uhm...). There is an happy ending  too much sweet that put down the movie.

Luckily, there is Florence Guérin to make us forget the flaws. Icy and elegant beauty appears in a small part in "Caligula and Messalina" and catches up with "La Bonne" of Samperi some fame. Italy, however, no offers to her great things, and the mass audience definitely know her for some comedy.Fortunately in France things are better and more successful.

In 1998 following a car accident she loses her only son Nicolas, passing some time in a coma. Out of this terrible time, in 2000 she returned to acting, changing her name in Florence Nicolas. On her website there are more news and testimony which is still a beautiful woman.

Jean-Pierre Kalfon, is a French singer and actor who can boast of having worked with Chabrol, Truffaut, Godard and Lelouch.


Original title: The Déclic

Alternative Titles: Click (France), De schakelaar (Belgium), Declic - Dentro Florence (Italy), El-click (Spain), Lady Doll (Japan), The Click (International), The Turn-On (USA), To Koumbi tis (Greece)

Year: 1985

Country: France

Directed by: Jean-Louis Richard, Steve Barnett

Cast: Florence Guérin, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Bernie Ruby, Géraldine Pernet, Jacqueline Chauvet, Corinne Corron, Gérard-Antoine Huart

Duration: 87 '