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 L'infermiera nella corsia dei militari

Mariano Laurenti with this movie pushes us towards to conscientious objection, not as a civilian as the time of conscription, but a cine objection, in the sense that we object on the usefulness and success of this movie.

We are at the limits of the "joke movies",  but we are definitely out of the film on the barracks, with the "military" of the title which is only a commercial appeal. In their place are, in fact , the "madmen", a term which today would cost the death penalty to any director/screenwriter who propose it in comedy movies or in the theater.

Those were different times, and perhaps with this excuse we also understand the reason why there aren't gag worthy of note or makes us laugh, bringing a smile just because at some point we realize that worse than this could not be done.

Laurenti also proposes the legendary race on the grass as seen in "Quel Gran Pezzo Dell'Ubalda Tutta Nuda e Tutta Calda" with Nadia Cassini as the protagonist instead of Fenech and unfortunately with the big butts of Lino Banfi. SelfIrony or he reach a ultra trash point? We do not know and in any case, this scene
describes very well much more than words this movie that doesn't have specific ideas to propose.

As often it happen, the cast is one with actors and actresses who could make a decent movie for the genre. From Lino Banfi, to Alvaro Vitali and a huge serie of shoulders (see Elio Zamuto and especially Jimmy Il Fenomeno in a more important role than usual) and we arrive to a battery of remarkable women. The aforementioned Nadia Cassini and especially her ass,  shown several times, Karin Schubert in a brief appearance, Nieves Navarro and a interesting cameo of Carmen Russo.

These are the ones that revolve around a psychiatric clinic owned by Dr. La Russa (Banfi) in which the most important guests imagine to be leaders of the past and where there are the classics Napoleon and Rommel. Some criminals infiltrating the beautiful Grazia Mancini, who, pretending to be a nurse must try to steal some precious paintings. Her arrival at the clinic, of course, triggers the sexual appetite of all, Dr. La Russa to patients, and she offers sweeping views of his side b and is the protagonist of the most obvious jokes. Small strands of history, as La Russa with his wife and catchphrases of Vitali complete this movie of 1979.

Technical Specifications

Original Title : Nurse In Lane Of Military

Alternative Titles : A enfermeira Enlouqueceu Que os Militares (Brazil) , Idiotenzwinger Der (Germany) , The Infirmière de l' hosto du regiment (France) , Jaimito y la enfermera arman war en el hospital ( Spain) , The Nurse in the Military Madhouse ( International) Trella fantarakia ... sexy nosokomes (Greece)

Country: Italy

Year: 1979

Directed by: Mariano Laurenti

Cast: Nadia Cassini , Lino Banfi, Alvaro Vitali , Paolo Giusti , Karin Schubert , Nieves Navarro , Elio Zamuto , Carmen Russo

Duration: 85 '

Production House : Devon Movies