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The Ramrodder

"Laid in the 19th century American West ... a time and place of unbridled carnage and carnality"

A herd of cattle and two cowboys down a hill
. There is a crossroads at the end, they part company. Each one in their own way. The first four minutes of "The Ramrodder" may be good for a film of Sergio Leone or John Ford.

Perfect, no doubt about it, but since we had aread before something, we knew that the film would not continue on that road, but we did not expect that it change since the fifth minute, starting with a group of very pretty girls, taking a bath in a pond under the voyeuristic gaze of one of the cowboys.

"The Ramrodder" soon became a movie in which for some reason every woman who enters in the scene ends with her tits out (only tits no nude), or in dancing scenes on which the camera dwells with passionate subjective like Meyer. A story where the "Indians" do not seem at all Indians but cute hippie ready for "Woodstock" (after all the movie was shot in early 1969) who lives in a few
painted teepee  in the middle of nature. A film, we can say is right for its period, "Make love, not War", very carefree, with little plot, little money, a lot of body parts and with some shade from "nudist" cinema.

Despite its poor meanings and despite the long dancing scenes, topless and improbable tribal fights ever with tits out moments, "The Ramrodder" is a film that is fun to watch, and it is interesting,  in addition to the actresses of which we will discuss later, for the idea to set an "sexploitation" story  in a hypothetical Far West, idea  not new, but always funny.

David F.Frieman is the uncredited producer of this film directed by a mysterious Van Guylder, and was one of the most important producer  for at least two decades, of soft.core movies and other, with a peak in the sixties and seventies. His most famous productions are  "The Adventures of Lucky Pierre" one of the first films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, with whom he also worked in "Blood Feast," or "Trader Hornee", "Space Thing", "The Acid Eaters" and especially " Love Camp 7 "and" Ilsa She Wolf of the SS. " The director, the mysterious Van Guylder however, is none other than Ed Forsyth director of "Superchick" and "Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy."

"The Ramrodder" tells the story of Rick, a cowboy who returns home to his beloved Lucy, after a long time, and she is waiting for him in the bathtub, with the door house open. Apart from that, Rick befriends a tribe of Indians and then on a tour in the woods he had sex with Tuwana the most beautiful girl of the tribe, who gives him the virtues. Soon after, however, was found the corpse of a squaw and Rick is convicted and sentenced to death. He is wanted by all (but he was safely at home cleaning the gun ...)  he must work hard to be able to clear his name with the help of the Indian girl and Lucy. Murders and mysteries that are also linked to the location, as reported by IMDB that was set many movies, but also the home of Manson "Family" 

The protagonist is
Tuwana played by the exuberant  Kathy Williams that we have already seen in "Love Camp 7" and who ended his career (what a pity!) a few years after  in 1972, after participating in twenty more or less films. As shoulders we find the red Julie Blackburn, in the role of the "officila" girlfriend of Rick, and even a smaller part for Marsha Jordan a star of soft-core era. Roger Gentry who has participating in other major "B Movies"  ("The Black Gestapo", "The Thing With Two Heads") is Rick, the alleged trigger hatred between Indians and pale faces, which otherwise would have lived in peace and in cosmic love