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Fight For Your Life

The reputation comes before  "Fight For Your Life", a great reputation we must underline, to tell the truth.. Violent, racist, vulgar, heavy, and difficult to see it with images over the limit. This is "Fight For Your Life".

We must say also that this  1977's movie has its own, "fucking" (we say it to adapt to the climate of the film) reason to exist. Because at the end, humiliations, violence are developed well, in a story that straddles two subgenres of exploitation, the "rape revenge" and the "blaxploitation",  inspired of course by "The Last House On The Left" Craven.

Let's face it, if one wants to make a movie on this subject, (good for him, we don't agree any concepts here) can't show the worst of the worst of human beings, which here is done quite well and which is combined with a narrative technique not bad at all. The point is, if we need movies like this, but it is another matter.

We are, as usual, with three criminals who flee, this time in transit, killing the cops and take refuge in a secluded villa. Three characters Jessie, Chino and Ling, well-structured and well played by William Sanderson, the well-known actor we've seen in "Blade Runner" (and much more), by Daniel Faraldo, another face seen often and Peter Yoshida .

The house in which the three end is inhabited by a black shepherd and his family. Violent and racist the three use their worst instincts on the family, raping the daughter and killing a child in the woods with  a stone, in the strongest scene. At some point, however, the situation is reversed, leaving room for the "blaxploitation", the "rape revenge" all under the amused eyes of the police who leaves to the sheperd the "honor", to fix things.

The narration is fast, the direction is good, and there are many moments who are really beyond, so this is a small, infamous masterpiece..

Needless to say, "Fight For Your Life" was really cesored. In Britain, after being rejected, ends up straight in the list of " Nasty Video". In Sweden instead passes the censorship but only after heavy cuts.


Fact Sheet

Original Title: Fight For Your Life

Alternative Titles:

Year: 1977

Country: USA

Directed by:

Cast: Robert Judd, Catherine Peppers, Lela Small, Yvonne Ross, Reggie Rock Bythewood, Ramon Saunders

Duration: 89 '

Production House: