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Los Ritos sexuales del Diablo

 "Sexo, y depravaciòn aberraciones, en una pelicula que parece hecha por el diablo"

All the people thinks  Satanists  have a lot of fun, having sex to please the devil. If it were true, this film could be considered the symbol of Satanism, because it seems that the protagonists want to please the devil a lot, but not summon it, because at the end no matter. The important thing is to have sex.

These are the stories of morbid Satanists, protagonists of a film, which offers a wide range of sexual services: incest, zoophilia (fake of course), lesbian, straight and even a free scene of sodomy against a man. A trash container so that it is said, has brought the same writer-director Jose Ramon Larraz to take the distance from this work. Must say that Larraz hasn't directed "Citizen Kane", but has made a career not remarkable in the horror and in exploitation, is another matter. Guilty for real, the Catalan director who has worked for a long time in Britain, created a film that should be forgotten. A long series of soft-core scenes are mixed with moments in which something should happen, but it doesn't happens or it remains hidden from the bodies and twisted by the groans of the various protagonists.

A vague and not very honorable echo of "Rosemary's Baby", but without children, seems to emerge, in this sea of ​​tits, where a woman is a victim of a coven of Satanists who also enlists her husband. Simply direction, actors who believe in their roles (without much success), "Los Ritos sexuales del Diablo" set and filmed in Britain is a film that tells the story of Carol, who went to pay homage to her dead brother (dead while having sex). There she meets the widow, a strange woman who showing black candles, satanic drawings and is not ashamed to spy Carol and her husband while having sex. Sex yes.

In fact this woman, Fiona, is part of a satanic cult that decides to take  Carol in every possible way. We have already mentioned the word sex? Maybe not in the last two rows and we say it now: even with sex. More boring that shocking, the film touches the lowest point with the scene of zoophily with a goat and with the scene where a sword  sodomizing a man who betrayed the sect. Terrible, boring and demeaning also diminishes the beauty of the two protagonists, Helga Line seen in many genre films and even in large productions and Vanessa Hidalgo.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Los Ritos sexuales del Diablo

Alternative Titles: Black Candles (UK), Hot Fantasies (USA), Naked Dreams (Indefinite)

Year: 1982

Directed by: Jose Ramon Larraz

Cast: Helga Liné, Vanessa Hidalgo, Jeffrey Healey, Christopher Bright, John McGrat, Betty Webster, Lucille Jameson, Fernando Valverde

Duration: 84 '