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Here is a nice example of how one can be both very commercial and at the same time do something of high quality. That a bit 'of this, a little' that, in the right measure, which satisfies the mass public (or almost) and even the cinefiles.
An illuminated Sergio Martino directs a thriller that has slasher's connotations and because we are in 1973 belongs to one of the first chapters of the genre. A film that has something for everyone: blood, violence, a plot tense and it must be said, quite a lot 'of beauties. Narratively then Martino tries to tell the story in the most tense way as possible putting in the viewers many doubts as possible and thus creating a lot of suspects that at times, we must say, are dragged by force in the history. Alongside this, there is a nice irony on young, a pleasant relief that accompanies the typical things of thrillers, such as hallucinations of the protagonists, a villa away from it all and some very horror moments.

Not everything is perfect though, because there are a few choices a bit 'absurd, such as when victims, murderess and also all the suspects, move togheter in the countryside, in what looks like a  blood "trip",  and the end is too much good for Hollywood. But at the end, viewing the whole movie and the minutes preceding the last part, where it develops a fascinating game in a villa far from all, between murder and latest victim, makes us forget the errors and say that this is a nice thriller.

Set at the University of Perugia, whose beauty adds quality to the movie, the film by Martino tells about bloody murders that take place among students. The ferocity with which the killer kills the victims evokes an unhealthy relationship with the female gender, a thought too trivial that hides a more complex reality.

Star of the film is undoubtedly Suzy Kendall, a british actress that became famous in the late sixties and early seventies for several appearances in thrillers and soft-core films. With her more than a powerful battery of sexy women that begins with the even more erotic Tina Aumont who lived a career of characters very attractive and important productions such as "Il Messia" and Rossellini's "Casanova" by Fellini as well as parts in "Malizia", "Metello", "L'Urlo" and "Salon Kitty". Then we find Carla Brait the beautiful black actress who has participated in numerous thrillers, comedies and genre films, on these pages we have seen for the "La Cameriera Nera".

The masculine side instead is headed by the legendary Luc Merenda decribed here since the first scene as a charming doctor, and  by the other charming man: John Richardson, another British actor who, however, has spent most of his career in Italian productions. We find him in the beginning of careree in some "Hammer" productions, then as a loser in the choice of James Bond (won the meteor Lazenby) and then we see him in many italians movies  "La Maschera Del Demonio" by Bava, "Anna quel particolare piacere" of Carnimeo and "L'Anatra All'Arancia" by Salce. Closes the ambiguous, in the sense of the characters he has played, Roberto Bisacco, who became famous with "Les Miserables" and thanks to a series of strange characters.

Fact Sheet

Original title: bodies contain Traces of Carnal Violence

Alternative Titles: Torso (International), Carnal Violence (Europe), Die Säge des Teufels (Germany), The Bodies Presented Traces of Carnal Violence (International), Torso - Violencia carnal (Spain), Torso: Olene Kadar-seks-olume ( Turkey), Torzo (Hungary)

Directed by: Sergio Martino

Year: 1973

Country: Italy

Cast: Suzy Kendall, Tina Aumont, Luc Merenda, Carla Brait, John Richardson, Roberto Bisacco, Ernersto Hills, Angela Covello

Production Company: Champion Film Company

Duration: 91 '