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Women in Fury

This is a story of fugitives. Michele Massimo Tarantini, who sht many pearl of "Italian erotic comedy" moved in 1982, in Brazil. Poetically we imagine that he wants to escape from the smoldering rubble of the genre in which he was more at ease, but we don't know if gone in that way, but it's nice to think so.
The theme of breakaway met him in 1985, when he shot this movie. A film branded as violent, bloody, matter of point of view, that lead to a certainty: this is a real bad movie!

In its total trash anyway "Women in Fury"  isn't a boring movie. Sure, there are a lot of elements that do not have a logical, others that satisfy exclusively the male audience and others who plagiarize best-known films. For the latter case, it's clear the "quote" of Pam Grier with a character played by Gloria Cristal, that duplicates the physical and psychological characteristics of the queen of the "blaxploitation".

An attempt failed, however, that does not make us reject this film, at least not entirely, in the first part it gives to the audience exactly what an audience want and what should be seeing in a messy "WIP". Mission accomplished, we can say, thanks to the usual tons of tits and violence. Women who under the uniform of prisoners have little or nothing, with clothes that will tear more easily than toilet paper. The second part is more adventurous, less erotic, but it does not miss violent deaths.

All is based on Suzane Carvahlo, literally thrown on the viewers and we have to say honestly, that her presence makes forget, and forgivie, the trashy things of the movie. 

Suzabe Carvahlo from Brazil is the daughter of Leah Farrell and sister of Simone. Since she was two she started to act in advertising! At thirteen  she is in the theaters at fourteen in cinemas and at eighteen on television. Clearly she is most remembered for posing on the Brazilian edition of "Playboy", before leaving in 1989 the world of entertainment. But it does not end here, because she began a long career in motorsport, from Go-Karting to Formula 3 and Gran Turismo, in various Brazilian championships achieving important victories.

If she had learned to drive sports cars in 1985 she would help accomplished her and friends run away from a lesbian-Brazilian penitentiary. Angela Duvall, her character, was imprisoned for murder. Unfairly. In there immediately she attracts the attention of other inmates and as usual the one of the lesbian chief. Demonstrating character and showing everything else, she earns the esteem of her companions and with a help of a handsome doctor who convinced of her innocence, she ecape. Also hunted by gunmen, Angela and friends take an uprising and escape in the Brazilian jungle.
Tarantino tries to convince us with an incipit and with the epilogue that this is a true story, but frankly it's too much.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Females On The Run

Alternative Titles: Women in Fury (International), Ausgestoßen - Nackte Gewalt im Frauengefängnis (Germany), Börtönterror (Hungary), Beast on the run (Italy), fêmeas em Fuga (Brazil), Femmes en cage, Prison de femmes en furie (France ), Jailbreakin 'Women (USA), Motim de Mulheres (Portugal), Sti Zougla Amazoniou tou (Greece), Syyttömän pako (Finland), Woman in Fury (Belgium), Women's Penitentiary 5 (USA)

Director: Michele Massimo Tarantini

Year: 1985

Cast: Suzane Carvahlo, Gloria Cristal, Rossana Ghessa, Henri Pagnoncelli, Jose Leonardo, Zeni Pereira, Marli Mendes

Country: Brazil

Running Time: 102 '

Production Company: RPA Film Festival, Brasil Produções Cinematográficas