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Evil Toons

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit," the famous "live action" had a lack. It made history for sure, but it leave a certain audience without a certain desire.  In 1992, several years after , Fred Olen Ray fill this gap, showing that cartoons are not just the one of Zemeckis, but they can be bad and maniacs.
Please note that there isn't the slightest connection between the two movies, either in terms of plot, and in artistic level, one, as we know, has been acclaimed and award-winning and the other one is a true "B Movie," that was shot with $ 140,000 using different things from different productions and some pornstars.
But we liked to compare this one with the Zemeckis's film. "Evil Toons" is an horror\sexy\comedy, nipped by the criticism, which, however, we must recognized the originality and a certain skill to do everything with just a few dollars. And then there's Roger Corman, in a sense. We love the great Roger and there we never criticize him, but we have to report, as well as IMDB that the great American director with this film took as we say in Italy a "crab", that mean he made a great mistake, not believing in the project of Fred Olen Ray who claimed to be able to shoot a movie with 250,000 $. In fact, he shot with a lower budget engaging some pornstars to have no problems with nudity scenes, an a big star like David Carradine and great shoulders as Dick Miller, Don Dowe and Art Johnsson.

So this is a good recipe, with good ingredients, but in the end the whole thing could be more flavorful, as Olen Ray does not exploit the full potential of this story of boobs, horror, comedy and cartoons, among other things made well, considering the budget.
"Evil Toons" lose himself passing the minutes, the fault is of simple direction and an simple interpretation, as you can image.
The story follow the classic pattern of horror stories in which Olen Ray adds some zany gags, some successful, and the aforementioned cartoons.
A book hidden in a house a hundred years ago, is being rediscovered thanks to the classic accident by four sexy girls, who went there to clean the place. From the pages comes out a demon who goes around killing people to get back into life, not forgetting the pleasures of the flesh. To lower even more our judgment there is a very Hollywood happy end.

Must be said that the protagonists, are not good actresses, but are well chosen by the director. Monique Gabrielle was a very sexy presence in "B Movies" of the eighties and nineties, getting even small parts in mainstream comedies such as "Airplane II: The Sequel", "Night Shift", "Young Doctors in Love," "Flashdance," "Hard to Hold", "Bachelor Party" and "Fear of a Black Hat". Her career continues also today as the owner of a porn production company: "Monique's Purrfect Productions." With her other porn stars, quite famous at the time, Madison and Barbara Dare and another sexy actress, Suzanne Ager. In addition to these women, we find as we have seen kung-fu king David Carradine and the expert Dick Miller, Don Dowe and Art Johnsson.

Fact Sheet

Original Title: Evil Toons

Alternative Titles: Demonzla (Poland), Dibujos maleficos (Spain), Evil Toons - Flotte Teens im Geisterhaus (Germany), Evil Toons - Do not go in that house ..., Eviltoons - Devil of a box (Italy), Gonoszkák (Hungary ), Magias do Mal ... O verdadeiro Humorror (Brazil), Qui a peur du diable? (France)

Year: 1992

Country: USA

Directed by: Fred Olen Ray

Cast: Monique Gabrielle, Madison, Barbara Dare, Suzanne Ager, David Carradine, Dick Miller, Don Dowe, Art Johnsson

Duration: 90 '
Production Company: American Independent Productions, Curb / Esquire Films