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Jeune Filles Impudiques

If we like it, or not, the ”needs of foods” also wrote the history of cinema. In a bad way, than in the good one, but in this hell of very "low budget"movies  with hopes of gaining well, ends in 1973, for the first time, also Jean Rollin.

It seems that with vampires and poetry a director can’t live well and so Rollinis was forced to change direction. As we know the subsequent artistic choices are much more radical, but we don’t talk about that, we talk about the first time Rollin sign a movie as Michel Gentil. A film very trash, in part a crime movie, in part comedy and in part erotic.

Worldwide know as "Schoolgirl Hitchhikers" is a movie that we can critizice in every aspect. From the location, through the script and ending with the stage costumes (especially those). Michel Gentil then, doesn’t have an ounce of poetry, nor of photography of Jean Rollin and creates a very linear and sometimes meaningless story.

Strange to say, however, this trashy film at the end is nice, as sad as we are to its meaning purely commercial, but still nice, thanks to a long series of events not always logical but not boring and especially for a very catchy soundtrack . Yes of course, it’s also because Jean Rollin is our hero and we forgive to him(almost) everything.

The idea of "Jeune Filles Impudiques" was born during the filming of "Vierges Et Vampires" and develops into an aura similar to Jess Franco "crime" version. A film that stands out above all for the presence of Joelle Coeur, the beautiful French model and actress that we will see in other films of Rollin and that in just four years of her career has earned a place in the hearts of moviegoers.

She is the uninhibited character of this strange story, in which two girls wayfarers (or if you prefer hitchhikers as stated in the English version) come into a house occupied by a gang of robbers. Aside from having sex with each other and then try to distract the guard (guess how ...), the two find themselves in the midst of a delicate criminal history. Held hostage accused of stealing the loot and then more or less helped by a couple of police men and women, who like everyone else is not ashamed to take off their clothes.

No bloodshed, just a couple of guns that shoot, but a lot of boobs and sex scenes to replace weapons,  and mess up both the criminal plans and those of the police.

Undoubtedly a story very fragile, shot in one location, but holds considerable importance in the filmography of the French director.


Fact Sheet

Original Title: Jeune Filles Impudiques

Alternative Titles: Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (International, Australia, USA, High School Hitch Hikers (USA), Mathitries if erotikes Diakopes (Greece), School Girl Hitchhikers (UK)

Year: 1973

Directed by: Jean Rollin

Country: France

Cast: Joelle Coeur, Gilda Arancio, Marie Hélène Règne, Willy Braque, Pierre Julien, François Brincourt