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Appuntamento in Nero

We know that what we are about to say may frighten and scare, it does with ourselves that thought it, but "Appuntamento in nero" is not a bad movie. We told it! We told it!. No, it's not a bad movie, it wouldn't a bad movie,  better to say,  if we change the actors, the director, the dubbers, and especially if those were added bit 'of money on the budget.

Yes we are convinced, because removing the errors, the approximation in the production, we see a plot that is credible, tense, that doesn't collapse even if it has an ending a bit 'paradoxical that lowers the level.

We are facing with stories of betrayal, conspiracy, counter conspiracy and counter-counter conspiracy, that create a story impossible to summarize a complex thriller, full of events and twists, able to hold the attention of the viewer.

The basis of this film is composed of three persons. Angela Baldwin former model and businesswoman, the politician John Baldwin and the lovely Eva, a Nordic breathtaking. The huge villa Baldwin is the place where they live and where all have affair with all. Aside from having sex in all possible moments, life goes on planning how to eliminate the aim of turn. He, she and the other in short, in what seems the most classic triangle, but in reality, the situation of "Appuntamento in Nero" is far more complex and plays the cards well by inserting from time to time some character external that varies the game.
If they had acted decently, we were to talk about a film succeeded, however, is better than a large number of "trash" movie "produced in the second half of the eighties, those nostalgic films thriller movies of the golden years.
The director is newcomer Antonio Bonifacio, actor, dubber and aide Joe D'Amato. In the world of cineam he does little things, here in 1990 starts, then he shoots a few film, including a film inspired by a pop song of a popular and disappointing italian singer (Nek "Laura Non C'è", that although we haven't seen certainly touches a very low point of the seventh art. Bonifacio then goes on television and realizes "Turbo" a very succesful serial.
In front of the camera we find Mirella Banti (Angela) actress we've seen in minor parts in italian comedies and Andy J.Forest the "beautiful" Gianni, who starred in in films by Tinto Brass as "Miranda" and "Capriccio".
Daniele Stroppa starred as always as shoulder with another familiar face of cinema, the great Franco Citti that for once is not imprisone, but is dubbed!. The explosive Nordic Mary Lindstrom who plays Eva, soon disappears from the scene. Too bad! She was the only one with which we would have taken any appointment. Even in "nero".


Fact Sheet

Original Title: Appointment in Black

Alternative Titles: Appointment in Black, Blind Date, Scandal in Black (International), Naked Rage (USA)

Year: 1990

Country: Italy

Directed by: Antonio Bonifacio

Starring: Mirella Banti, Andy J.Forest, Daniele Stroppa, Mary Lindstrom, Franco Citti

Length: 88 '

Production House: Real-Film GmbH