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Japan seen by eyes far away is a place that mixes hi-tech, with a busy life that flows sometimes in a crazy cinema.

We don't know if life in Japan is exactly like that (though if you pay us the journey we went to see) but we know that every time we see a Japanese movie, we are amazed by those that seem to us crazy.

In this case we speak about of androids and high technology, in a lovely film of 2011, directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu, the director of "Zombie Self Defense Force" and "Maid Droid" and co-director of "Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl, "among the films that we reviewed.

The original title translated into English, it sounds a bit 'differently (sorry for any inaccuracies, we have translated from Japanese ideograms with Google) and it thus: "Erotic house of splendid family-daughter of a dream or truth of Butler Electric", massacred in translation with this alluring "Erotibot."

Beyond the marketing, Tomomatsu, creates a film that is a mix of genres that pass with ease from the sci-fi to comedy and touches some splatter and some hint of eroticism. This is a simple story, filmed with few resources and with extensive use of digital effects to tell the truth not so hi-tec. In any case the result is not bad, it has funny moments and gives the right amount of blood. The dribs of eroticism and the presence of a particular star as Maria Ozawa raise the aesthetic level of the film.

The story is inspired by the novel of Philip Dick's "Do Androids dreams eletric sheep?" That also gave the idea to "Blade Runner" and that here in the hands of Tomomatsu, is partly parodied with the writer explicitly called into the story by the characters .

The main character is Tamayo, illegitimate daughter of an important industrialist, woh receives for her eighteenth birthday a robot that acts as a servant, and that  join the "number 1", a good butler, "number 2" a guard dog (with the head similar to Mazinger Z). The newcomer, however, is different from the others, is called Sukekiyo, is clumsy and falls in love with his owner, also thanks to the fact that it helps her to take the bath.

Tamayo's half-sister, however, who wants all the inheritance, recruit a detective to find her sister and to hack the robots with the intent to kill her rival. She walks around in a sexy leather swimsuit with a sword and murderous ambitions. She melts only with "number 1", a great piece of android.

The clash is inevitable and offers in the last minute of the film quite a lot 'of splatter, maybe a little' too late. The funny side is represented by the romantic clowning of Sukekiyo, unable to do anything, and always ready to please/conquer his owner. Tamayo instead, introduced to sex thanks to "number 1" also programmed to teach these things,  is the stereotype of the Japanese girl, little, curious and shy, which clashes with the powerful and exuberant sister dressed in a skimpy outfit in red leather

Tsukiyo this is her name, runs with a sword spreads violence and eroticism everywhere, touching the top using only carnal "number 1". With this character Tomomatsu play it safe, entrusting the role to Maria Ozawa, an AV Idol. Japanese mother and Canadian father who gets high acclaim because of her exotic expression, which depending on where you live, you can locate it in the Japanese features or  in Caucasians. Apart from that the Ozawa actually stands for this excellent mixture and indeed the career reflects her beauty. Aside from an endless series of hard film of all kinds, shealso participated in TV series and comedies.


Fact Sheet

Original title: Karei naru erogami-ke no ichizoku: Shinso Reijo wa denki shitsuji no yume miru ka or

Alternative Titles: Erotibot (International), Erotibot - It's Always a Pleasure (Germany), Erotibot: The 'Special Extension' Version (Austria), Nippon Splatterotics 3 (International)

Country: Japan

Year: 2011

Directed by: Naoyuki Tomomatsu

Cast: Maria Ozawa, Yasunori Tanaka, Fukuten, Yuya Tokumoto, Asami

Duration: 87 '

Production House: Klock Worx Company, The, Leone