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A zombie looks at the camera and says gasping: "Cinema is Dead." It's the emblem, the resume of the message, of this big container of cinema exercises. There are also interesting speeches with a poster of Orson Welles, which emphasize even more than that "Chillerama" is,  a movie made by cinefile, for cinefile, especially for the "B Movie" ones. So for all of us.

The cinema, in the cinema, in a movie that has the desire to have fun, but also to spoof "mainstream" movies going beyond the boundaries of good taste.

The love for the seventh art is evident, as well as critical to modern times, a time when movie theaters were killed by video on demand and internet.

We aren't hypocrites, because it's clear that we haven't "Chillerama" at cinema, and without internet, a film like this would remain unknown to most people, including those like us and you, who would appreciate it.

The message, however, is undoubtedly right, watching movies at home, break the magic of the dark room and the big screen.

Starting from these romantic visions, the story unfolds in a drive-in. The "Kaufman Drive In" (Kaufaman for Lloyd of course). A place that has reached the end of its programming, and presents the last night of scary movies. Three/four horror movies that upset the audience of the drive-in and for the home audience are three shorts parodies of the "B's".


Thus we see "Wadzilla", a parody of the sci-fi monsters. A story in which a man being treated for multiplication of sperm is produce just one, giant, which makes a mess of New York. Large deployment of the army, but also of digital effects, perfect when are parody, not so much when are used as credible.

The second story it's "I Was A Teenage Werebear" clear reference to "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" and then to the horror of the fifties with animals. Not only that, because this segment is targeting the youth musical like "Grease" beach comedies, "Twilight" and figures like James Dean.

The story tells of a group of gay, that turn into "Werebear" looking for love, teddy bears inspired by an American series set in Bavaria and wrote in 1983, although "I Was Teenage Werebear" is officially set in the sixty.

For us "Chillerama" touch its peak with "The Diary Of Anna Frankenstein", a mix of horror / nazi in which we discover thant the poor Anna Frank last name Frankenstein and knows how to bring back to life the deads. A clownish Hitler steals the diary and creates a monster, but it is jewish, it is out of control and kills the nazis. Many wanted errors,  creating a fun and liberating curtain insane that sounds a bit 'Tarantino of "Inglorius Basterds" (not to mention the ghost of Ed Wood).

There would be a last segment, "Deathcation" a film on feces, but this last segments In fact  is never seen, because in the drive-in, the situation is out of control. The audience turned into zombies hungry for sex, turn around the area having wild sex. It 's the  result of what we see between the shorts, a transformation due to a substance in the popcorn. Here "Chillerama" pushes greatly on the "bad taste", showing some tits so far absent from the story and closing with a slight variation on the theme of "happy end". Before "the end", however, there is still a little surprise.

Four directors, four different stories, which have in common the great comedy and rivers of blood as well as some crap. Think about what would happen if a big sperm was detonated, the reaction of a young man intimately molested by his coach, the various uses of feces and finally to the unbridled libido zombies. Nothing unwatchable or annoying, "Chillerama" flows nicely with those bits of "bad taste" that is not bad at all.


Adam Rifkin executive producer sign and also interprets "Wadzilla." Man more than eclectic, Rifkin is known by the general public for family comedies like "Underdog" and comedies like "The Chase", "Detroit Rock City" and dramas like "Night At Golden Eagle", in addition to screenplays and some presence in the TV series. With him, the Canadian model Sarah Mutch, comedian Owen Benjamin and especially Ray Wise and Eric Roberts. The special effects were created by the legendary "Chiodo Brothers." Those of "Killer Klown From Outer Space".

More picturesque is the story of "I Was A Teenage Warebear", which as mentioned has homosexual themes.

Tim Sullivan director of "2001 Maniacs" openly gay and passionate of rock'n'roll receives several "no" for the roles, and he discarded some others actors. Then he meets the gay porn star Sean Paul Lockhart (or Brent Corrigan) who becomes the protagonist of the segment filmed near Malibu. Cameo for the great Ron Jeremy. The soundtrack wason sale on ebay for some time, before the well-known site took away the product because of the cover "morally offensive" (there was the protagonist in swimsuit). Ebay would have reinstated the work, however, putting it in the adult section.

The plan for the insane killing machine of "The Diary Of Anna Frankenstein" starring Joel David Moore, who doesn't speak a word of German, and therefore relies on the Gramelot made readable by English subtitles. Moore although young, has a long career spent between commercials and films, including "Avatar." With him sKristina Klebe irrepressible Eva Braun and coming actress and the stuntman and actor Kane Hodder Warren paranormal fan, famous for his role as Jason in "Friday The 13th" and Victor Crowley in "Hatchet". Here of course is the "monster". Adam Green of "Hachet" is the director.

Finally Joe Lynch closes the film with "Zom B Movie". Director and actor, with preference for the horror, direct those who are the storytellers of all the history mr.Kaufman, played by Richard Riehle and model Kaili Thorne.

Titolo Originale: Chillerama

Anno: 2011

Nazione: USA

Regia:Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan

Cast: Adam Rifkin,Sarah Mutch, Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Tania Raymonde,Eric Roberts, Miles Dougal, Sean Paul Lockhart, Anton Troy, Gabby West, Adam Robitel, Thomas Colby, Kaylee Brown, Joel David Moore, Kristina Klebe, Kane Hodder, Florian Klein, Matthew Temple, Richard Riehle, Corey Jones, Kaili Thorne, Brendan McCreary, Ward Roberts

Durata: 115'

Casa di Produzione: ArieScope Pictures