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 Ich, Ein Groupie

The facts were clear, we don't feel guilty. Erwin C.Dietrich as director, a blonde bombshell as the protagonist, who appears almost naked on the poster, the 1970s and rock music. There seemed to be facing,  trash (after all there Dietrich) and European version of "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" or a soft-core comedy about sexual freedom. Nothing or almost nothing, of all. The Meyer's movie has nothing to do, it was realased later, but for the rest we're quite in the right way, because this "Ich, Ein Groupie" for sixty minutes is a soft-core comedy, full of sex scenes, freedom, but in the fourteen final minutes becomes a drama, with the destruction of the human being. Heavily. The facts were clear, but we don't understand anything.

"Ich, Eine Groupie" is a bittersweet movie, unsettling, perhaps because of a series of events that have marked the realization or simply for purely commercial reasons. It 'a nice movie, shot with simplicity that basically hits the mark, describing both the time and the funny side of that era and the inevitable human drama. As the title suggests we talk about groupies and for thw few who don't know who they were, were the most avid fan of a certain group or singer, so faithful to follow them everywhere in their tour.

Daughters of an era, we talk about from the sixties onwards, free and revolutionary, the Groupies however, were not prostitutes, but in general the girls, very young, madly in love. Sure, drugs, sex and rock'n'roll were the place in which they ended, well described in the movie "Almost Famous"  by Crowe.

On this aspet the Swiss director exaggerates, describing the life of a Swiss groupie very uninhibited, Vicky, who seduced and abandoned began touring Europe in search of her favorite artist, moving from bed to bed and dealing drug too , up to the aforementioned drama of the final minutes. London, Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Monaco, are the place of her adventure, a story built very good in some points, thanks to the many musical moments that also boast of a true progressive rock group, the Germans "Birth Control".

Vicky is played by Ingrid Steeger a beautiful German actress that had an incredible body and who had already starred in other films, but it's only thanks to this film that she is launched on a career full of successes, composed of other soft-core films, some with Dietrich and later from work for the big audience.

The collaboration with Dietrich is undoubtedly fruitful and lasting several years, until the actress sue the director , because him, as sly as a fox, just when she is at the top of the fame, re-puts on the market a few soft-core movies , in which she were the protagonist.

"Ich, Eine Groupie" was originally a co-production Swiss/American, Dietrich for Europe and Roger Corman for the American market. The great Roger had to provide in addition to the budget, the director, then he should have every rights the United States. As director then we find none other than Jack Hill, who before becoming an important name of 'exploitation get a rise out Dietrich who accuses him of being too slow, five days to shoot a scene (the one with the concert and oral sex) and come back he in the States taking the lead. As the most hysterical rock star. Corman comes out of the project, but Dietrich, 
as sly as a fox, advertises the film as a work of the American director. Denounced, he loses the lawsuit, ihe must remove all references to Corman, but it's too late the film is matched to his figure.

With the nice German actress, we find Rolf Eden, Vivian Weiss, shoulder of Ingrid Steeger, which, although pretty  (we are joking of course), having suffered the comparison, so as to disappear after this film. We finally find a real group of motorcyclists, style "Hell's Angels," which participates in a few scenes, tourning around Vicky and their girlfriends naked on a motorcycle. One of these, however, rethinks about these scenes and don't want to be shown  because of cellulite. This seems very funny, but it assumes contours almost violent, as Dietrich refuses any modification and motorcyclists threaten to break into the cinema during the screenings, forcing the director to engage the police. A story that also seems a good marketing, but as mentioned, Dietrich is sly as a fox.



Fact Sheet

Original title: Ich, Ein Groupie

Alternative Titles: Arzularin ötesinde (Turkey), Das Mädchen mit dem Einwegticket, Ich, ein Groupie (Germany) Higher and Higher (USA), Jag - en groupie (Sweden), Je suis une groupie (France), Jeg - en groupie (Denmark), Jûshoku rangyô (Japan), koritsia dipsasmena already krevvati (Greece), Me, a Groupie (International), sex at home (Italy)

Directed by: Erwin C.Dietrich

Cast: Ingrid Steeger, Rolf Eden, Vivian Weiss, Li Paelz, Terry Mason, Stewart West, The Birth Control

Country: Germany, Switzerland

Duration: 89 '