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 Vacanze Per Un Massacro


Mario Gariazzo an italian director so-called "underground" Italian, the of "Incontri Ravvicinati Di Un Certo Tipo" writes a subject. And seen his filmography, it's a problem. The production, however, doesn't want him as director and prefers a very tired Fernando Di Leo.
So a little 'because of a story not much interesting and little for a director that loose ideas, we are facing with a  thriller of 1980, that creates situations rather predictable and that has a cast not so inspired.
The whole world (and we agree), agrees, however, that the basic idea wasn't bad, ruined by a lot of unnecessary scenes, sometimes filled with none other than the soundtrack of "Milano Calibro 9" blatantly reused.

Shot with a very poor budget "Vacations Per un Massacro" would be an erotic thriller, psychotic and domestic movie. The tension, however, is hidden by numerous, long and morbid scenes equally numerous sex scenes. The little that remains is a not credible tension, but also a story with a beginnig and an ending very predictable .
The story tells of Joe Brezzi, robber and murderer, who escapes from prison and returns at the remote house in the mountains, where he hid the loot. In that house however came three people: Sergio, with his wife Liliana and his sister-in-law Paola, with whom he has an affair. Joe after a day in which he enjoys watching the oddities of the trio (the couple having a very noisy sex and Paola sleeps naked) come into the hous and takes them hostage. It's pretty useless to point out that the thief have sex with Paola, nymphomaniac, provocative, manipulative and that him abuses of the three and unveil to Liliana the relationship between the husband and her sister (thief, murderer and spy too!).

Brezzi Joe is played by Joe Dallessandro already seen on these posts for "Suor Omicidi" and in the middle of his period of excesses, as you can easily see. Shortly expressive, the handsome Joe, should be the catalyst for the tensions of history and also the breaking character. We reiterate: he should be.

If there is just one thing to be saved is the beauty of Paola, character used in paradoxical and morbid situations, is played by Lorraine De Selle French/Australian actress born in Italy, now famous as a producer, but at the time interpreter of many genre films, some erotic and incredibly similar to Ilona Staller. We find also another familiar face of the cinema of the time, Gianni Macchia, who was also the great protagonist of genre film (often erotic) and involved in this ... massacre movie.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Vacations For A Massacre

Alternative Titles: Madness (USA), Toy (Germany)

Year: 1980

Directed by: Fernando Di Leo

Cast: Joe Dallessandro, Lorraine De Selle, Gianni Macchia, Patrizia Behn

Duration: 85 '

Production House: Film Midia