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Blue Jeans

 "Blue Jeans, our  gold ass", is the second minute (and a half) and on the song "Pazza Idea" by Patty Pravo, a very famous italian singer we hear this phrase. A single sentence that sums up a movie. We can immediately image that Blue Jeans is the protagonist and she has exceptional physical qualities, on which the story is build.

We read, the plot, which tells of prostitution and custody lines, and we thought to be in front of a drama. Instead, "Blue Jeans" has dramatic shades and much more.

To want to speak ill can be said that the director Mario Imperioli hasn't clear ideas , because the movies changes genres often, passing by the Italian sexy comedy, with misunderstandings and showers, to thriller, to close with the drama. To want to speak ill we can say that certain scenes, only with music, seem specially build to stretch the broth. To speak ill we said, to speak well however, this mixture of genres, appears pleasant, skill or luck that is, it's a mixture that makes the film watchable, built around the beauty of Gloria Guida, (the gold ass Blue Jeans).

The scenes with only music that seem to be made to stretch the film, are pleasant and send the story forward removing dialogues that could be useless. In addition, Gianluigi Chirizzi seen in several genre films in supporting roles, and always with only an expression plays a credible and (a little) deep character.

Paolo Carlini in the classic role of the mature man, holds well, thanks to a long experience in cinema, theater and radio, which is accompanied by a curious gossip that he was the lover of Pope Paolo VI and later also involved in a blackmail against the same.

Apart from a slight modification of the classic character of Gloria Guida, which here becomes a shrewd and cheerful underage prostitute named Daniela "Blue Jeans" Anselmi, the pattern of this film follows the same line of the genre.

Imperioli who had already works with Gloria Guida in her debut "La Ragazzina" and had worked with Chirizzi too, builds the classic story of a young girl that gives a twist to the adult's life
The variant of prostitution, adds a sense of drama of course that does not clash with the mixture of genres that make this film one of the most interesting chapters of the career of the beautiful blonde actress.

Stopped and arrested for prostitution, Daniela ends up being give in custody to theonly relative she has, her father (but maybe is possibily that he isn't her father)
 the rich Carlo Anselmi.
Artist, restorer. Their intercours at first aren't good, but soon them turns in  something ambiguous to the point of ruining the relationship with Marisa, man's girlfriend. So ambiguous ending (as expected) with falling in love and then in bed, (perhaps incest then). On this romantic picture, however, comes the evil shadow of Sergio (Chirizzi) lover and protector of Daniela who had an evil plans.

Excellent soundtrack, composed by Nico Fidenco still valid, with the collaboration of the Cyan former Cyan Three, beat group famous at the time, who with their sounds cementing the whole, not a masterpiece,, but more than adeguate chapter of genre cinema.

Fact Sheet

Original Title: Blue Jeans

Alternative Titles: Blue Jeans (Mexico), Couples impudiques (France), Jeans Tonic (Portugal), Teen lieben heiß (Germany),

Year: 1975

Directed by: Mario Imperioli

Cast: Gloria Guida, Paolo Carlini, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Annie Carol Edel, Mario Pisu, Rino Bolognesi

Production House: Rome International Film

Duration: 92 '