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Quando Alice Ruppe Lo Specchio

If on TV someone read a DNA code, you are able to recognize the your? We're not a science blog, telling you about incredible mysteries, but more humbly we are saying that certain things can be solved at home. As it happens in this movie, a horror of 1988 signed by Lucio Fulci, who shoots one the last movie in his career, showing once again a certain craftsmanship skill.

"Quando Alice Ruppe Lo Specchio" isn't a masterpiece, but not even a bad movie. Yes, the scene of the DNA is absurd, impossible even today, and it is true that one of the hinges is trivial, easily understood, and finally, to be honest, the acting is not the best.

Lucio Fulci however, is always a great man of cinema and with two or three ideas, combined with some narrative solutions, he creates a number of interesting situations. The environment in which the director takes us, it is very horrid, horrid a purely aesthetic, so as to reach nearly to understand the murderous violence. We know that we are talking about femicide in an era in which is a big social drama, we do not want to offend anyone nor justify these actions and we reiterate that we are talking about cinema, about this grotesque story in which the victims are moustached, hateful and accompanied by a music that blows up further this disgust. The protagonist Lester Person, sinister and ugly character sinister in the same way, he loses all the money in bet and tries with alone women without hope, new funds. In part, he is is also the protagonist of mild comic moments, represented by expressions so disgusted, sometimes direct to the camera, that are good moments of black humor. The core of "Quando Alice Ruppe Lo Specchio" is not to discover the killer (we have not revealed anything), but understand who is investigating the many murders and who is helping the police.

A well-balanced film, cleverly created that although has its lights and its shadows remains an enjoyable horror of eighties.

"Quando Alice Ruppe Lo Specchio" was part of a series of horror films commissioned the director. But these jobs don't go so much further Fulci turned this, the unfinished "Il Fantasma di Sodoma" and the previously reviewed "Un Gatto Nel Cervello" that uses different scenes from this movie. The cast is composed by Brett Halsey, Ria De Simone shoulder in sexy Italian comedies and singer, the legendary Al Cliver who is credited with his real name Pierluigi Conti, Zora Kesler (the legendary Zora Kerova) and finally the evergreen Maurizio Poli.

Fact Sheet

Original title: When Alice Broke The Mirror

Alternate Titles: El Espejo roto (Spain), Soupçons de mort (France), Touch of Death, When Alice Broke the Mirror (USA)

Year: 1988

Directed by: Lucio Fulci

Cast: Brett Halsey, Ria De Simone, Al Cliver, Sacha Darwin, Zora Kerova, Marco Di Stefano

Production Company: Alpha Film