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La nuit des étoiles filantes

In the immense movies' forest of the tireless Franco happens sometimes, to find a very beautiful flower, and it's the case of this film entlited "La Nuit des étoiles filantes" but better known as "Christine, Princess of Erotism" or as "A Vierge chez le morts vivants", "A Virgin Among the Living Dead" as well as other titles representing the questionable business decisions of producers and many versions, which some say are a dozen.

We are in 1973 and as the fans of Franco know very well was a very sad period for the director due to the death of Soledad Miranda. All the suffering, sadness, seem to converge in this film, exquisitely horror, visionary and very sexy, with a strong contrast  with the environment, green and lush and with the music sometimes pop sometimes  thriller, composed by Bruno Nicolai. Franco, tells a story full of "freak" that beset the innocent and unsuspecting Christina, defined in certain version as a "virgin", and full of symbols such as a black dildo, a big pendulum several sexy scenes built around Christina and her aunt Carmencé.

Written for the unfortunate Soledad Miranda, the project after her death remains suspended for a more than a year, but Franco found  in Christina Von Blank the perfect actress for the part and the person who brings back to the director the will of shot this movie.

Inspired from a poem by Gustavo Adolfo Bequer, Spanish writer and poet of the nineteenth century, who ha a sad and short life and of which Frank tries to propose the decadent and poetic vein. Must be said that not always he succeeds, because sometimes this movie has moments a bit 'absurd of free naked bodies, but "Christine, Princess of Erotism" remains on balance a little gem, also really loved by Jesus Franco, usually ruthless with his work.

The aura of death, mystery and decadence hover almost immediately in this story that tells of the lovely Christine who travels to a castle in Monserate for the reading of the will of the never knew father. In this huge house lost in the countryside, there are still some relatives of the girl. Christina, soon realizes the strangeness of these people, including an uncle who plays the piano while a dying aunt spent the last hours of life, and with the sexy aunt Carmencé who goes around half-naked. Drama on the slow and inexorable crescendo that reveals the disturbing mystery of the family and gives us a very impressive end.

Franco manages to convey the anxiety and eroticism of the characters played by some loyalists actors and acrtress, such as Howard Vernon, Paul Muller and Anne Libert and by beautiful Christina Von Blank and Britt Nichols. The first discovery by the director in "Jungfrauen Report" has starred in some horror (such as “L’etrusco uccide ancora") and some soft-core films. The same or nearly career for Britt Nichols, bursting beauty saw in a cameo in  "La Noche del Ciego Teror" by Armando De Ossorio, as the protagonist of "La Fille De Dracula", "Les Demons" and other film by Franco. Britt Nichols pseudonym Maria do Carmo Ressureicao De Deus former Miss Portugal shot with Jesus our seven films. Married to the Argentine footballer Héctor Yazalde has left the world of cinema because of jealousy of her husband later she followed him to Argentina, where she took the stage name of Carmen Yazalde, becoming a famous model and TV presenter. It seems she don't like to talkabout her movie period.

As we said at the beginning this movie has a wide range of versions, among them there is one with scenes, shot ten years later, by none other than Jean Rollin, scenes with the living dead, a being not much loved by the French  vampire director.