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Bad Biology

That's right Frank Henelotter from "Basket Case 3" of 1992 to "Bad Biology" in 2008, disappear for sixteen years  from the scene, but a come back with seven hungry vaginas, a penis out of control and creatures born after two hours of gestation, is something that fills to bursting and over again, the stomach of every fan of the director and of the genre. But is a pity to burst? No!

A "Bad Biology" has it all, first of all closes that gap, with one of the most insane director of the last thirty years and then switches from comedy to bad taste, all with an excellent soundtrack and under the watchful and excellent direction of Henelotter.

A film that has a lot, a movie for everyone ... we  could say in a way that recalls the theme of "Freaks", central in the filmography of the director, in the form of a love story very extreme.

The good Frank wrote the screenplay with the rapper RA The Rugged Man, then they divide the tasks diligently, with the first appearing as  director and the second as a producer. Seriously ill and in the fight against cancer, the director manages to complete this work, helped by a mad company composed of loyalist Gabe Bartalos at special effects, Josh Glazer helped by other rappers such as Prince Paul, Vinnie Paz of "Jedi Mind Tricks "at the music.

A crew full-fledged, compact and strong, who evidently found itself very well, seeing the linearity and the perfection of "Bad Biology" to work together. A realization quite simple, as usual, that doesn't run in attempts to impress the audience, but it takes very well all the art and the things available.

To all this must be added a cast, just perfect, from the protagonist Charlee Danielson who is also a musician and author, to the debutant Anthony Sneed convincing in the role of nerd. Seal up the success the presence of sexy star and Playmate including the famous Jelena Jensen.

The story centers on Jennifer and Batz. The first is a girl who due to a freak of nature was born with seven vaginas thirsty of sex. Her sexual relations seem to express her frustration of marginalized and generally conclude with the violent death of the partner.

Batz who lives in the same city, is a guy who because of a medical error is from birth without penis. To remedy  he followed a cure of growth hormones, which have raised a monstrous penis and above all independent. The joy of Jennifer to find such an extraordinary guy has no limits, but when she tries to approach the boy, she discovers that he (the penis) fled. And it/he escaped to claim victims on victims, sneaking into apartments of women, who for some reason are bare and that can do nothing against the fury of this monster. The two, or perhaps we should say the eight (seven vaginas and one penis) meet, in a union satirically referred  as "divine."

And to get the celestial explosion good and strong times pass , like a photo set in which the models have a mask in the shape of the vagina or a thousand ways used by Batz to solve his problem.

According to a source IMDB, the home of New York in which is set the large part of the story, it would be that of Father Divine, a well-known black  preacher, very charismatic, engaged in civil rights, but also controversial (he thinked he was God and was involved in some scandals).

Fact Sheet

Original title: Bad Biology

Alternative Titles: Bad Biology - Kieroutunutta kemiaa (Finland), Sex Addict (France), Gyilkos orgazmus, Halálos orgazmus (Hungary)

Year: 2008

Country: USA

Directed by: Frank Henenlotter

Cast: Charlee Danielson, Anthony Sneed, Mark Wilson, John A.Thorburn, Remedy, Tom Kohut, James Shell, Vivian Sanchez, Jessie Jayne Clancy

Duration: 84 '