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Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens

Get your dick out of there, you "prevert"!

Russ Meyer appears at the end of the film, with a camera in his hands.
He promises another film, but there will never be. It's not the end of the film, but only the epilogue of his immense career, which ends here.

Of course he leaves us with a real provocation.
With that is his the most naked movie of his career, a worthy conclusion of the trilogy "Bustoons" began with "Supervixens" and continued with "UP."

Although with the "Pop" movies, Meyer has accustomed us to roundness and bursting with devastating irony, in "Beneath ..."the good Russ, who writes the story with Roger Ebert, goes further.
Starting from the title that is a reference to "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls", the director of bustoons, brings to us the satire that points and lowers the province bigoted, nudity and innuendo increasingly overt, explicit sexual details, but without falling in the vulgar.

The result is unfortunately a film less beautiful than the others, perhaps overwhelmed by these extra doses of meat, but at the end is a fun chapter.
The protagonist of this overwhelming story Francesca "Kitten" Natividad, Mexican actress ex-stripper who also agrees with Meyer subsequent years.

She become an sexy icon, thanks to her body (fake), to magazine's pictures and other films, she ends in Meyer's world thanks to Shari Eubank, the protagonist of "Supervixens", which presents her to the director. Already in the cast of "UP!" Francesca so striking the director to become the star of "Beneath ...".

Probably no other actress would be better suited to this role, given the funny expression of Kitten Natividad who finds himself in a perfect plot for her.

Cartoonist as always, Meyer speaks of course of  the life of the American province. That province he ridiculed several times in his career, unlike those towns that have innocuous appearance but a lot of hot stories to tell.

Also here is so and the director tells us right away, immediately showing very intimates details. Just to let us know where we ended up. The good Stuart Lancaster of of the faithful Meyer's actors  is the amused narrator of this story. Is him who led us and explain how things are going in this "Small Town USA" and with the addition of "The Man From" compose the name of his character.

And we see at once the elder Martin Bormann, a former Nazi who lies down in his home in a coffin and covered only by a sheet has a relationship with his young busty wife. The main characters are, however, two others: Lamar (Ken Kerr) and Lavonia (Kitten Natividad).

The couple has big sexual problems. She is always willing. He just eager to have anal intercourse, only performance of which she doesn't want to know. Every approach ends badly.

She tries to cure her husband, hiding under the name of Lola Langusta and doing the stripper in a club frequented by Lamar. She seduces him, he does not realize that she is Lavonia. But nothing. The result doesn't change.

Destiny is a little cruel too with Lamar which must also satisfy the cravings of his boss, a very fat black woman, boss of smashing cars in which he and two other dirty boys awork.

The hot Lavonia instead waiting for the healing of her husband tries to forget the problems with different persons: a young sporty boy assaulted while he was training, the muscular Peterbuilt, the representative of underwear SemperFidelis and also the secretary of a dentist.

But the happy ending is not lacking, good Lamar has a movement of pride, illuminated by the waves of "Radio Rio Dio" (or with the boobs of DJ), he comes back home and he makes peace with the beautiful Lavonia.

The closure with the director, a little maliconic if we want, closes with intelligence the circle of his works "pop" and if we want of all his filmography, leaving to us the beautiful memories of an artist who has always enjoyed doing his job .

In addition to the wife of the director, the cast is notable for the presence of super silicon meteor Ann Marie and expert exploitation's actors aas Patrick Wright and Henry Rowland. Cameo for Uschi Digard.


Original title: Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra-Vixens
Alternative Titles: Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (Finland), Im Tal der Tiefen Superhexen (Germany), Más allá del valle de las Utra-Vixens (Spain), Más allá del valle de las ultrazorras (Venezuela), Ultra Vixen (Japan), Ultra Vixens (France), Ultra Vixens - All men of Lola Langusta (Italy), Ultravixens (Portugal)
Year: 1979
Country: USA
Directed by: Russ Meyer
Duration: 93 '
Starring: Francesca "Kitten" Natividad, Uschi Digard, Anne Marie, Stuart Lancaster, Patrick Wright and Henry Rowland

Production Company: RM Films International